International journalist and filmmaker Yasmine Perni will host a discussion and free screening of her film about Palestinian Christians, "The Stones Cry Out: A Documentary Film," at 1 p.m. Saturday at Beth-El Mennonite Church in Colorado Springs.

Christianity was born in Palestine 2,000 years ago and spread to the world. However, many may be unaware that Christians still live in the territory, best known for the bloody conflict between Muslims and Israelis.

With her film, Perni attempts to give voice to Palestinian Christians whose stories are in danger of being drowned out in the turmoil.

The event is hosted in conjunction with Friends of Sabeel of Colorado and local churches and organizations, including the Justice and Peace Committee of First Congregational Church, the Middle East Peace Project of Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission, and Beth-El Mennonite Church.

Perni moved from Italy to the Middle East when she was 13, later attending the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies before working as a reporter, photographer and television producer. This is her first documentary.


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