A Colorado Springs nonprofit organization plans to open up its Section 8 housing waiting list for one day - a rare opportunity to sign up for the fiscally-tested program.

The Independence Center will open its waiting list for four hours on Sept. 11 to people with disabilities, according to a statement by the nonprofit organization. People can also mail in an application to the nonprofit organization, as long as it's postmarked Sept. 11.

Section 8 vouchers allow people to pay 30 percent of their rent while the government picks up the rest of the tab. The vouchers can only be used at certain rental units inspected by the Colorado Division of Housing.

The Independence Center - which administers 31 vouchers a year - last opened its waiting list in 2009 after its waiting list dwindled to one person, said Dixie Herring, the center's director of independent living.

AspenPointe, which also administers Section 8 vouchers, opened its waiting list in February - the first time in several years that it allowed people to sign up for the program.

To get an application, or to get more information about the program, call The Independence Center 471-8181.