Fathers held their daughters and twirled them around the dance floor.

The young ladies were dressed in gorgeous gowns, their eyes full of admiration for the dads, as the song 'My Girl ' played from the stage.

The Armed Services YMCA on April 13 hosted the 7th annual Military Father Daughter Dance at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Colorado Springs.

'The Father Daughter Dance is all about (dads) connecting with the daughters, ' said E.D. Rucker, the local YMCA's military outreach coordinator. 'The Armed Services Y mission is to enhance the life of the active duty members and their family. The dance is about them bonding. It is about the dad and the daughter having that time together. '

The fathers were glad they had the chance to dance the night away with their daughters.

'Last year we were not able to come because I was in Afghanistan, ' 4th Brigade Combat Team Capt. Derek Foster said. 'With my many deployments, just being home is great, but being able to come to the dance with my daughters is just amazing. '

The dance was a chance to create memories.

'The bond and the memories that my daughter and I are creating are amazing, ' said Sgt. James Spaulding, with the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, as he held his daughter, Alyssa, 3.

'We don't have a lot of memories because I was deployed and this is the first daddy daughter date, first daddy daughter anything - the first of many. '

Foster said that events like these help service members to reconnect with family.

'Your family is always there for you, so take advantage of the time you get with them, ' Foster said.

Foster's daughters - Ruby, 12, and Gracie, 9 - said they were excited that their dad was able to come to the dance and were really happy to spend time with him.