Football is one of the last true team sports. It's never won without multiple players doing things correctly at the same time on the field, despite what statistics show.

So while all the athletes on these pages deserve every bit of recognition they are receiving, maybe the biggest recognition should go to Coronado and Pine Creek, Colorado Springs' first two football state champions since the 1998 season, when Rampart claimed a state crown.

The two teams shared a lot of similarities ?- stalwart defenses, offenses that shared the ball with multiple running backs and attack games that could move the ball through the air or on the ground. It was tough for opposition to move the ball against either or to anticipate who was getting the ball and how.

One more big similarity - both the Cougars and the Eagles have plenty of players returning next season.

So congratulations to both teams on stellar seasons that ended in the best way possible for them.

More good news for Coronado, Pine Creek and the rest of the area football teams: we're only seven months away from watching the two champs get to defend those titles while the rest of the programs try to take them away.