Bully who needs to be confronted

I believe the vast majority of the Air Force Academy community, and the rest of us, have had a belly full of Mikey Weinstein's whinings and rantings against anything God-related, whether that be at the academy or anywhere else in the public square.

Weinstein is nothing more than a self-loathing bully who needs to be stood up to, and his viewpoints rejected as nothing more than the ill conceived and poorly thought through meandering of a perverse mind, which seems fixated on one thing: A hatred for God.

I strongly encourage all of us not to be intimidated by his threats, but to hold firmly in our beliefs and stand proudly in our faith.

The Constitution guarantees us the right to practice and express our faith anywhere and everywhere, and our right to freedom of expression (speech) reinforces that.

Turn your back on Weinstein and individuals like him. He is a small, pathetic individual who deserves our pity. In fact: Let's pray for him.

So help me God.

Dan McWilliams, USN (Retired)

Colorado Springs

Academy chapel's ultimate fate

When I was growing up in the 1940s and '50s it was "majority rules." In the 21st century it seems that it has evolved into "minority dictates." Ultimately the Air Force Academy will drop the optional portion of the "So help me God" as someone will feel offended.

Then at what point will the academy close the chapel because someone finds it offensive? After the November 1917 Revolution, the Soviets found churches made excellent warehouses and museums. Maybe that is the chapel's ultimate fate.

Michael L. Larsen

Colorado Springs

Another generation of officers

I would like to congratulate the Air Force Academy on considering the optional removal of God from its pledge of conduct. This will enable cadets who are accused of any lying, cheating, stealing, sexual harassment, adultery, or murder a valid defense. "Lt. Gen. Johnson, I did not pledge 'so help me God' so I felt compelled to set my own moral precepts. Therefore, my conscience allowed me to sexually harass that freshman, and then lie to my commander about it."

Get ready, America, for another generation of Air Force officers who leave the blast doors open, use plug nickels at a casino, sexually harass their subordinates, and see nothing wrong with passing sensitive information off to WikiLeaks.

Christina Ojala

Colorado Springs

Methods to revitalize downtown

I was pleasantly surprised to read a paragraph in The Gazette's Oct. 22 editorial about reviving downtown Colorado Springs. It stated: "Given a few upscale condos and a major supermarket, downtown Colorado Springs will attract residents and employers who want easy access to Denver while enjoying a less-chaotic urban environment nestled among nature's most enviable features."

Back in July, I wrote something similar in a letter to the editor, that, unfortunately was not published. I said "If the city administration wants permanent, not transient, residents, then high rise apartments with ample underground parking would be very attractive in revitalizing south downtown." I ended the letter with "Mr. Mayor: Expand your thought process ... Go back to the drawing board."

It's nice to see that The Gazette is finally on board with trying to suggest other methods to the city administration in attempting to attract permanent residents and businesses to the south end of our business district. We owe it to future Colorado Springs citizens.

Bob Amintor

Colorado Springs

Downtown needs a Trader Joe's

We've been hearing a lot lately about Mayor Bach's plans to revitalize downtown, and I think I have a foolproof way to bring more people downtown to shop and live. And it has nothing to do with the ridiculous idea of building a new minor league baseball stadium or other such nonsense. We simply need Mayor Bach to convince Trader Joe's to open a store downtown. Trader Joe's is wildly popular with anyone who has ever lived or shopped in a place that had them, and would be a draw for current (and future) residents. Trader Joe's philosophy of providing quality products that are sustainably and responsibly produced is in line with the "City for Champions" tag line proposed by Mayor Bach, and would be a great addition to our city!

Sue Bigus

Colorado Springs

Compromise was a brilliant force

The Republican tea party caucus and other right-wing conservative groups continually disrupt and denigrate our federal government. Since 2010, they have developed and implemented the tactic of creating perpetual crises in Washington while assuming the mantle of patriotism. Unfortunately, our Founding Fathers would not recognize, nor honor these myopic positions in which they abdicate their oath to country and the general welfare while catering to their ideology. Compromise was the brilliant force that drove true patriots to forge a country where opportunity and growth have thrived.

When you willfully cripple government functions, threaten the essential foundations of the global economy, and guarantee a further prolonging of our economic recovery with your tactics, you are not a patriot.

I urge all future voters to recall these dangerous and crippling times and their repercussions. Little can be accomplished in a representative government with people who believe compromise is tantamount to failure.

David Smith

Colorado Springs