The weather was not ideal for Mother's Day, but Colorado Springs residents braved the snow, emptied flower shops and filled local eateries to celebrate with moms.

The coolers at Flowerama on East Platte Avenue were nearly empty by early afternoon Sunday, with only six rose bouquets remaining.

Flowerama's owner of 18 years, Bruce Hardy, said Mother's Day is a weekend-long event for flower shops because Mexico's Dia de las Madres falls on May 10 every year.

"It easily accounts for 15 percent of our sales for the month," Hardy said. "We ordered more than 12,000 roses for the weekend and they're practically all gone, just a few arrangements left."

The pace picked up at Flowerama on Saturday and it was much busier than anticipated, according to Hardy's wife, Anne, who suggested the threat of bad weather may have gotten more people to buy flowers earlier than usual.

Roses may be the go-to flower for moms in Colorado Springs, judging from Flowerama's selection and the variety offered at King Sooper's supermarkets.

Shane Hulze, 24, and his roommate Lauren Bermudez, 23, couldn't decide which flowers to get for Hulze's mother and grandmother as they surveyed bouquets at the King Sooper's on Briargate Parkway Sunday.

By his own admission, Hulze started looking for flowers a little late in the day, but the gesture is part of the norm, he said.

"I think it's expected to give your mom flowers on Mother's Day," Hulze said, adding that he was taking his mother and grandmother to dinner at a local Italian restaurant.

Katy Smith and her mother, 70-year-old Joane Rogers, decided to forego the flowers and instead grabbed lunch and got treated to a free massage at Poor Richard's on North Tejon Street.

They were finishing their lunch when a woman approached them and offered free massages to celebrate Mother's Day.

"This was my first massage ever and I liked it a lot," Smith said. "My mom gets a massage about every two months, and she said the masseuse had very strong hands and listened very well."