A man was booked into the El Paso County jail Thursday on a $500,000 bond after he allegedly assaulted a woman and a police officer, evaded arrest in a car chase and was tased to be subdued.

Colorado Springs Police said Anthony Sobaski, 27, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of first-degree assault on a peace officer and several other crimes.

Officers were dispatched to 2200 E. Boulder St. around 3:20 a.m. when a woman claimed she had been assaulted earlier in the evening by man she identified as Sobaski, who was in a car in a nearby parking lot.

Sobaski reportedly refused to speak with police and backed out of the parking space, hitting a patrol car, police said. Sobaski allegedly drove toward a police officer who had to jump out the way to keep from being struck by the suspect's car.

The pursuit continued southbound on Union Boulevard, where Sobaski hit a curb and flattened the right front tire, police said. Another officer joined the chase through the northbound lanes and Sobaski allegedly swerved toward the oncoming patrol car, striking the right rear fender and causing damage, police said.

Officers then reportedly rammed the suspect's car to stop the chase.

Sobaski exited the car and ran away from police, taking them on a short foot chase, police said. Sobaski was finally subdued when officers tased him as he continued to resist arrest, according to police.

One officer received medical attention as a precautionary reason for minor pain as a result of the crash.