Police Sgt. Paul Martinez found himself in an explosive situation Tuesday when a well-meaning woman took two rusty grenades to the Falcon substation for officers to dispose.

The Colorado Springs Police Department evacuated the substation for a couple of hours and shut down Goddard Street because of the grenades, at least one of which was live.

"She just got some bad advice and brought them in," Martinez said. "She was cleaning out, I believe, a storage shed or a garage of someone who was deceased and found them and was just trying to do the right thing and turn them in."

The department's bomb squad and members from Fort Carson went to the substation and recovered the grenades from the woman's vehicle.

Martinez said police advise people who come across what may be an explosive not to handle it. People should clear the area and call police, he said.

"It's better to just leave them there. We will go to you," he said.

Handling an explosive exposes more people to danger, Martinez said.

"Those things could've blown up with her in the car," he said.

It's not the first time someone has taken a grenade to authorities.

Last year, a World War II-era hand grenade to Fire Station 3 on the westside, prompting the closure of several blocks of West Colorado Avenue.


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