With local gas prices climbing as the summer driving season nears, a Colorado Springs man is selling a fuel additive he says can save people, companies and governments money.

Richard Lieber is president of FuelSaver Technologies Inc. In 2006, he obtained the rights to sell the fuel additive, which has been around since the 1980s, under its original patented name of DurAlt Fuel Conditioner.

The additive has been sold through various companies such as Harley-Davidson and Amway under private label names, Lieber said. While Lieber is not the only distributor. he believes his is the only authorized company distributing the product worldwide under its original name. Lieber decided to keep the original name because of the product's history.

The additive can be used in gasoline and diesel engines.

"I happened upon an Amway distributor at a Little League Baseball game eight years ago in Colorado Springs," Lieber said. "I bought the product from her and tried it."

Lieber said he put the additive into his three personal vehicles, including a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup. The vehicles' fuel economy improved between 20 percent and 40 percent, he said.

DurAlt was tested in some Colorado Springs city vehicles from March to August 2010, Lieber said. Lloyd Malone, a field mechanic for the city, said the fuel additive increased the power in his 2-ton Freightliner.

"It gave us a little more pick up," he said, "so we could pull hills a little harder and did not have to downshift."

Still, Lieber is having trouble convincing people and organizations to buy his product.

"Fuel additives tend to have a bad reputation," he said. "There are those that have ruined engines."

DurAlt is in use by the Air Force Academy's athletic department and Summit County government. Joe Billerman is the general manager of First Vehicle Services which maintains and repairs Summit County's vehicles. His company adds eight gallons of FuelSaver to every 24,000 gallons of fuel used by the county.

"It does not harm the engines that I can see whatsoever," he said.

A systems engineer, Lieber said DurAlt improves engine performance by increasing the separation of fuel molecules in gasoline or diesel, allowing for better combustion. The product cleans fuel injectors and combustion chambers at the same time. It also stops bacteria and algae growth in diesel fuel, and serves as a fuel stabilizer, Lieber said.

DurAlt has been used in every type of engine. It is available at some O'Reilly Auto Parts stores and some local automobile dealers' parts departments, Lieber said.


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