A Colorado Springs man fired gunshots and scared off three people who broke into his home early Friday morning, police said.

Officers were called to a home in the 700 block of Tia Juana Street east of The Citadel mall shortly before 3 a.m. after the man reported the home invasion. According to the report, two men and a woman knocked on his front door. The man answered, but realized he didn't know the trio and quickly shut and locked the entryway, police said.

The man told police that he got his gun just before the three invaders broke into the house and threatened him with their own guns. That's when the man opened fire, scaring the invaders from the home.

Police said nobody was hurt during the incident. Officers were able to find the fired rounds and match them to the resident's gun.

The investigation is ongoing. Police were unable to find the three people who left the area before officers arrived.

Anyone with information that could help with the investigation may call police at 444-7000.