Twinkie withdrawals came to an end in Colorado Springs this week when the popular yellow cakes were stocked in select grocery stores.

The first shipments of fresh Hostess snacks arrived Wednesday at Albertsons across the city. Colorado was one of five states that received Twinkies, CupCakes and Donettes ahead of their official release Monday.

Although the store mailed notice of the Hostess arrivals alongside weekly coupons last week, a manager at Albertsons on Centennial Boulevard said less than 100 boxes of Hostess products had sold at that location between Wednesday and Friday.

In addition to Albertsons in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah, Wal-Mart will also receive Hostess products ahead of the Monday release. A manager at the store on Woodmen Road, the one Colorado Springs location receiving the early shipment, expected them on a midnight truck and ready for sales at 9 a.m.

The new products are not available at King Soopers or any other retailers until next week, while old versions are still being bought and sold on Amazon and Ebay.

The goodies last hit the shelves in early December, 2012. Bankrupt and bleeding creme filling, Hostess was then sold to Metropoulos & Co. and Apollo Global Management, who mended the broken brand.

Consumers can expect slight differences in the new Twinkies, which were first introduced weeks before Hostess closed. The snack that refuses to die now will have a half-life a bit nearer to that of plutonium.

Shelf life was extended from 26 to 45 days, four ingredients were excluded from the recipe and six separate ingredients were added to its extensive list of corn-based substances.

Serving sized was upped from one to two cakes. Previously, one cake contained 150 calories with 40 from fat, 220 milligrams sodium and 20 milligrams cholesterol. Today, one cake contains 135 calories with 40 from fat, 180 milligrams sodium and about 16 milligrams cholesterol.

Twinkie The Kid, the treat's lasso-twirling mascot since 1971, does not appear on new Twinkie boxes.