Colorado Springs District 11's decision to cancel classes on Thursday came at 7:58 a.m., which some parents said was too late for them to make plans on what to do with their children.

D-11 spokeswoman Devra Ashby said the district initially delayed the start of school by two hours, in anticipation of temperatures rising above being dangerous for children to be outside.

When the thermometer didn't move upward as thought would happen, she said district officials made the call to cancel school for the day.

While parents complain regardless of whether the district closes or stays open, Ashby said, she released the following statement, in light of criticism on social media:

"During any type of inclement weather situation, D-11 personnel work to continuously monitor the weather to include road conditions, wind chill and snowfall.

"This morning's decision to call a two hour delay at first was made so that the district could make the most appropriate decision possible for both the safety and well being of students and staff. Colorado weather has a tendency to change quickly, and it makes this decision a tricky one. Temperatures this morning were not rising at the rate anticipated, thus the reason for the initial delay and then closure. D-11 relies on many sources which impact the decision that is made.

"While D-11 was not the only district to decide to delay then close, we do understand the frustration it may have caused and we are working to continuously make the process smoother. We appreciate our families who monitor the communications from the district and work with D-11 to keep safety a top priority."