Earlier this year, I heard about a new brewery in town. So I drove to 2935 North Prospect St., where I hoped to find – and weasel some free samples from – Lofty Brewing Co.

Instead I found a dark, empty storefront in an out-of-the-way office building. I snooped around, asked some neighboring business owners, who had no idea about a brewery, and left. It was, I figured, another failed startup.

Flash-forward to this past weekend, at the All Colorado Beer Festival,  when I finally met Matt and Nicole Tussey, a young couple making their first foray into commercial brewing with Lofty Brewing Co. The festival was their public debut, and their Colorado Chili Wheat and Zeb’s American Red were well-received.

They don’t plan to have a tap room, but you’ll soon be able to find their beers in taverns and restaurants around town.