Hey, Colorado. One more lap around Pikes Peak.

According to Google, when people are curious about Colorado, they want to know most why Colorado is so "fit."

The Internet stereotypes everything and @Amazing_ Maps on twitter turned that data into a map of the United States of Stereotypes. Basically, it took Google data from a search engine phrase such as "Why is Colorado so . " and took the first autocomplete example for each state.

Usually, no one wins when stereotypes are involved. I say Colorado did by being labeled fit, considering how other states were unfairly labeled. Louisiana is "racist." Connecticut is "haunted." Nebraska is "boring." Arizona is "hot," and Minnesota is "cold."

I've lived in Arizona, Minnesota and Nebraska. Hey, Nebraska can be fun, sometimes. Yes, Minnesota is cold, usually, and yes, Arizona is hot, most of the time.

People are also wondering why Colorado is so expensive, violent and crazy. But "fit" is the top autocomplete sentence. Now that I live in Colorado, hopefully I can fit into the "fit" category one of these days. More map details here.

Bronco fun and the big game

Super Bowl and Broncos talk has dominated Colorado media and much of the country. So of course it's all over the Internet. All kinds of fun Broncos stuff is out there, including a video of an Indiana man singing his Peyton Manning song, "I Think She Loves Peyton More than Me." Creative, yes. Worth more than one listen through, probably not.

My favorite Broncos-themed story this week was a news release issued by the office of Colorado Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Yuma. The Colorado House delegation has a friendly wager with the Washington House delegation, and our delegation members are offering what they call the state's best-known delicacies. Some are offering wine, peanut brittle and chocolate. Gardner is offering fried bull testicles, or commonly known as Rocky Mountain oysters. If the Broncos win, it will be a fun follow-up to see which lucky Washington congressman or congresswoman won the oysters. More here.


Speaking of the Super Bowl, Gazette.com has you covered come Sunday. The Gazette will have a team in New Jersey bringing you live game updates, photos and videos. We'll also have a team in the newsroom delivering Super Bowl and commercial updates in real time.

Columnist Paul Klee has been following the Broncos all season and has been reporting from the New York City area all week. Columnist David Ramsey, sports reporter Brent Briggeman and photographers Jerilee Bennett and Christian Murdock will join Klee this week.

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