I'll sleep better now that I know the odds are in Colorado's favor to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Colorado is the third most likely state to survive a zombie takeover, trailing only Alaska and Wyoming, according to a brilliant post by a blog called Estately.

"Given the growing frequency with which zombies appear in movies, TV shows and your worst nightmares, it's inevitable the zombie apocalypse will soon be upon us," the blog says.

Makes sense, right? Wait, don't answer that.

The tongue-in-cheek rankings were determined by 11 metrics, including military population, physical fitness and access to weapons. I'm guessing the Colorado Springs area did the heavy lifting for our state.

Another metric used is knowledge of the walking dead. Now I'm really glad I watched all those zombie movies and zombie TV shows. Whew, that was close.

So just how will Colorado survive all the undead roaming the Front Range? No, it's not recreational marijuana use.

Here's Estately's explanation:

"Coloradans are known to be among the most physically fit in the country, so when zombies start crawling out of their graves, most of the state's residents will be miles away, easily jogging up a 10,000-foot mountain."

Now excuse me as I jog to the Garden of the Gods before I hit the Manitou Incline.

Will zombies try to take over the world one day? Probably not, but, hey, it's always nice to be prepared.

A couple of years back, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made waves by posting a zombie preparedness guide.

"If you are generally well-equipped to deal with a zombie apocalypse you will be prepared for a hurricane, pandemic, earthquake, or terrorist attack," director Dr. Ali Khan notes on the CDC website.

Bad news, New Jersey residents. You're ranked the least likely to survive the zombie apocalypse. Mississippi is right there with you, along with the District of Columbia, though many probably say it's already populated by political zombies.

To see the full rankings, visit my blog.


Here's another fun nugget happening on Colorado on the Web.

Colorado is known for its rich culture.

Our state is also home to one of the biggest Native American celebrations in the country. Last weekend was the 40th annual Denver March Powwow at the Denver Coliseum. The three-day powwow routinely attracts hundreds of dancers and spectators.

I've been to my share of powwows and Denver March is right up there in terms of beauty and dance competition. The Coliseum was packed and full of excitement and traditional song. Dancers and drum groups came from across the U.S. to compete.

I highly recommend a visit in the coming years.

The powwow isn't just for Native Americans.

Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to attend. See photos on my blog.


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