The list of potential Colorado College hockey coaches is down to 10 and includes current assistants Joe Bonnett and Eric Rud.

"We like the whole group. Any of them would be a tremendous college hockey coach," said athletic director Ken Ralph, who confirmed Bonnett and Rud are among those 10. "They have both done an excellent job over the past nine days keeping the program moving forward."

Neither assistant will comment on the search.

A nine-member advisory committee whittled down an initial list of 60 Monday. The group will spend the next week or so vetting the remaining 10 candidates down to two to eight finalists for more in-depth interviews, Ralph said, adding that more candidates may be added if their credentials catch the eye of the committee.

The final decision will be made by school president Jill Tiefenthaler and Ralph in May.

"We would like to have the announcement made by April 30 but I don't think that will happen," he said. "We really just got this pared down last night. We are only nine days into this (as of Tuesday). We are not going to rush this."

CC will also consider any NHL coach or assistant who may be interested, as Western Michigan did a couple of years ago with Andy Murray.

"We have had a couple surprise applicants," he said. "There is no end date for applications and that was intentional. We will listen to everybody. We ended up with a wide range of ages in the candidates we are high on."

The process will take some time, Ralph said.

"We now have a list where it is possible for us to do more research," he said. "We do not want to miss something that could have been caught during the vetting process. We want to find the right candidate who will succeed both academically and athletically."

Other names making the social media rounds as possible successors for longtime coach Scott Owens, who resigned after 15 years last weekend, include: UMass-Lowell coach Norm Bazin, Penn State coach Guy Gadowsky, Minnesota assistant Mike Guentzel, Providence coach Nate Leaman, Robert Morris coach Derek Schooley and former college assistants Cary Eades (North Dakota) and Derek Lassonde (Denver) who are now junior hockey coaches. Bazin, Gadowsky and Guentzel are all former Tigers assistants and Schooley worked at Air Force.

Colorado College will not confirm the names of the 10 applicants or the eventual finalists or release the identities of the advisory committee, which includes Ralph, hockey alumni, current students, a school trustee, an athletic department employee and Colorado College faculty.