Troy Calhoun was supposed to spend part of Tuesday on an aircraft carrier in the Indian Ocean.

Instead, the trip that was supposed to take the Air Force football coach and several of his contemporaries never took place as the planned transportation on an Air Force plane fell through and funding was not available to make the trip via commercial airlines.

"We're regrouping to see what may transpire," said trip organizer Mike Whalen of Military Appreciation Partnerships Inc. "Right now we're dead in the water."

The trip was to include Calhoun, Oregon coach Mark Helfrich and several others, including former Colorado coach Dan Hawkins. The planned itinerary included stops in the Middle East, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and Washington, in addition to the Indian Ocean.

Calhoun had taken a previous trip organized by Whalen, and the Falcons coach was instrumental in starting the process for this tour.

The plans were thwarted about three weeks ago when the Air Force informed Whalen that the situation had changed and there would no longer be available space on a flight that was to take the group overseas.

"Bottom line was we didn't have a plane and we couldn't get the commercial cost covered," Whalen said. "We're very disappointed."