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Clinical erectile dysfunction treatments effective in nearly 90 percent of men

November 29, 2017 Updated: April 24, 2018 at 12:31 pm
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Many men over age 40, and over 50 percent of guys over 50, are dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED). The condition can cause not only physical issues – but relationship issues and emotional issues as well. “Many men don’t seek help due to the stigma associated with ED. They just suffer with it,” said Jeffrey Dillon, Director of the Rocky Mountain Men’s Clinic. Embarrassment, frustration and skepticism about the efficacy of treatment may discourage men from seeking help, but, Dillon shared, “what they don’t know is that in around 90 percent of cases, we can effectively treat a patient’s ED – even if pills or herbal supplements haven’t worked in the past.” 

The specialists at the Rocky Mountain Men’s Clinic are entirely focused on men’s health issues. Dillon has seen thousands of patients – ranging from age 18 to age 94 – effectively treated for ED. “Most men with ED really can have their sex lives back. They just need to make a call to the Rocky Mountain Men’s Clinic,” said Dillon. “There’s nothing to be ashamed about. ED is simply a health issue. And it likely can be effectively treated.” 

Popular name brand medications are found to be only 50 percent effective, thus many men are skeptical about seeking further treatment. On the other hand, some men will opt for expensive surgeries, but this irreversible measure can be avoided by simply finding the proper treatment. The specialists at Rocky Mountain Men’s Clinic work closely with patients, listening to their concerns, and taking into account a range of factors that may be contributing to their condition – be it stress, anxiety, age, health issues, accidents, surgeries, prescription medications, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or other causes. Then, their medical providers will create a personalized treatment plan.

The specialists are discreet, professional and capable, and all of their plans and programs are physician-directed. The medicine with a 90 percent success rate is composed of three ingredients, of which the microgram strength can be adjusted to actually customize an erection to last anywhere from 30 minutes, and up to two hours. The medication has immediate effect on the vast majority of patients. “We’ve had couples in our clinic literally crying together for joy due to the effectiveness of our treatments,” said Dillon. “It’s wonderful to see how treating this condition can help heal a relationship, restore a man’s confidence and even improve his overall outlook on life.” 

Rocky Mountain Men’s Clinic also offers low male hormone replacement therapy. When testosterone levels decline, men may experience sluggishness, difficulty sleeping, increased weight gain, decreased strength, weakened mental acuity and low libido. Through hormone therapy, men can experience significantly improved energy levels, mood and more in just four to six months. “I love seeing the transformation,” said Dillon. “Guys may have negative feelings and emotions when they first come in, but the excitement and confidence when they leave the clinic is phenomenal. I absolutely love seeing that. At the same time, it’s amazing to see the transformation in guys on hormone therapy – they come in a couple months later and they have an extra pep in their step. We truly help transform lives.”

Rocky Mountain Men’s Clinic invites you to come to their clinic, located at 5731 Silverstone Terrace #250, Colorado Springs. For men with ED, most will achieve an erection during their first visit. Your initial appointment is only $99. If it doesn’t work for you in their office, your appointment is free. 

To learn more, call 719-301-1141 or visit

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