The fight over a Colorado Springs club that allows its members to smoke pot is heating up again.

The City of Colorado Springs appealed its planning commission's decision last month to uphold an appeal by Studio A64 that essentially allowed its members to smoke pot inside its club, which is on the second floor of the building at 332 E. Colorado Ave.

The commission's decision overturned an order by the city that said that smoking pot in the club was not allowed under zoning regulations.

The planning commission, however, found that the club falls under the definition of a "social club" under the city's zoning regulations, which would allow smoking marijuana.

In the notice of appeal, the city said the planning commission's decision is "inconsistent with the city's zoning code and the Downtown Colorado Springs Form-based Code."

"The planning commission's decision to compare Studio A64 to a social club was incorrect and such clubs are not allowed on the second floor under city zoning regulations," the notice said.

Studio A64 owner KC Stark said he's not surprised by the appeal.

"We expected a fight," he said.

That fight will continue when the issue goes before the Colorado Springs City Council.

Stark said the hearing will likely be delayed until April 8 because he will be out of town.

A rally supporting the club will also be held on April 8, Stark said.

By 5 p.m. Thursday, 29 people had signed up on the club's Facebook page to attend the rally.

"I've been waiting for this," Stark said. "We need to have this discussion. We must have this fight to prove that we are right."