CDC confirms link between Zika, microcephaly in Brazilian babies who died

By: Erin Kelly, USA TODAY
February 10, 2016 Updated: February 10, 2016 at 1:36 pm
photo - CDC Director Tom Frieden - AP Photo
CDC Director Tom Frieden - AP Photo 

WASHINGTON — The Centers for Disease Control has identified the Zika virus in the tissue of two babies who died in Brazil from microcephaly — the strongest link yet between the virus and the birth defect that has stricken developing fetuses, the CDC director told a House panel Wednesday.

"Zika is new, and new diseases can be scary, particularly when they can affect the most vulnerable among us," CDC Director Tom Frieden told members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

The CDC is warning pregnant women to protect their babies by avoiding travel to South America, Central America and the Caribbean, where the virus is spreading the fastest. Women who are already in those countries should take precautions to protect themselves from mosquitoes, Frieden said.

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