Bull riding has always been the favorite event at a rodeo, and in 1992 the Professional Bull Riders was formed to showcase the popular sport.

Today the PBR is one of the fastest growing sports in the country, and its top tour plays to sellout crowds across the United States each week with a summer recess. The tour makes a major stop in Colorado Springs this weekend for events Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the World Arena.

A qualified ride is 8 seconds, and in the spirit of that we offer an 8-question trivia quiz with a bonus question.

NOTE: Answers below.

1. Who is the reigning PBR World Champion and where is he from?

2. How many judges score a ride?

3. The top possible score for a qualified 8-second ride is 100 points. How many 100 point rides have there been in the PBR?

4. Where are the PBR World Finals held every year in October?

5. Top PBR riders are from five countries. In addition to the US, name the other four countries.

6. The reigning World Champion bull will retire at the World Finals this year, and he's taking his final rides at big Built Ford Tough events. Name the bull.

7. Who is the reknown entertainer of the PBR?

8. What now-retired bull rider has scored the most 90 point rises -- 93--since 1998?

Bonus: Where is the headquarters of the PBR?














1. JB Mauney, North Carolina

2. Four judges

3. Zero (The highest recorded rides are 96.5, three times)

4. Las Vegas

5. Brazil, Australia, Canada, Mexico

6. Bushwacker

7. Flint Rasmussen

8. Chris Shivers

Bonus. Pueblo, CO