Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos 38, Giants 16 — 5:12 left in fourth quarter — MetLife Stadium

—Eli Manning threw his sixth interception of this season in the fourth quarter of Week 2.

—Injury to watch: Duke Ihenacho. He’s been ruled out for the rest of the game with an ankle injury.

—Giants fans began leaving the stadium with 10:13 left in regulation. Early departing crowd.

—See anything today that might indicate the Broncos won’t play MetLife Stadium a second time? I didn’t.

—Broncos have played, really, four good quarters in two games. And they’ve scored 49 points and 38 (at least) points.

—Bill Parcells was given a ring to commemorate his Giants Hall of Fame induction.

—The AFC West is much, much better than anyone expected.

Back in a few. Heading to locker room.

Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos 24, Giants 16 — End of third quarter — MetLife Stadium

—Peyton Manning record watch: Moved into the 60,000-yard club. Only Favre (71,838) and Marino (61,361) have more than Manning (60,149).

—That Brandon Jacobs prediction is looking good.

—That score prediction is not.

—That’s a first: Brandon Jacobs, one of the league’s foremost yappers, involved with a taunting penalty. And he’s not the one penalized.

—That long conversation between Peyton Manning and Wes Welker — just before halftime — paid off with a touchdown pass.

—The Broncos have been flagged for 10 penalties. The Giants have two.

—Knowshon Moreno, showing again he’s the best option in the backfield.

—Quiet crowd. Like, really quiet.

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Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos 10, Giants 9 — Halftime — MetLife Stadium

—This week’s game feels a whole lot like last week’s game. The Broncos, who were the NFL’s best second-half scoring team last season, scored 21 points in the third quarter against the Ravens. Today?

—Demaryius Thomas with another Broncos drop. Drops today: Demaryius Thomas, Julius Thomas, Wes Welker, Eric Decker.

—MetLife Stadium is near nothing. Well, there’s that Dunkin’ Donuts. Interested to see how the Super Bowl goes.

—Colorado would be a superior choice for a Super Bowl than New Jersey.

—Super Bowl XLVIII: Super Commuter Bowl.

—So far, the Manning Bowl isn’t about the Mannings. It’s about which Manning’s supporting cast is less bad.

—Drops, untimely penalties (Duke Ihenacho), a fumble inside the 5. If the Broncos were playing a better team, they’re down big.

—Peyton Manning was livid on the sideline. Not Tom Brady livid, but not happy. He had an extended face-to-face with Welker after that last drop. Lots of hand gestures and weird gyrations.

—Tom Coughlin eschewed the taking of a knee. DRC with a veteran’s pick.

—Really bad half for the Broncos. (Although we could say it’s relative, since Peyton still threw for 200 yards). Yet the Broncos were still much better than the Giants.

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Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos 7, Giants 3 — 12:36 left in second quarter — MetLife Stadium

—The jumbotron-in-each-corner at MetLife Stadium is awesome.

—Try as they might to fit Montee Ball into a more prominent role, the Broncos best back remains Knowshon Moreno. Wrote that here a few weeks ago.

—Hakeem Nicks still looks like Ty Lawson.

—Victor Cruz is still un-coverable.

—If I’m a Giants fan with a Nicks jersey, I would be worried it won’t be good after this year.

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Broncos Gameday Live Report — Giants 3, Broncos 0 — End of first quarter — MetLife Stadium

—Peyton Manning made a point last week to say he’s not going to stop throwing to Eric Decker. He was being honest.

—Trindon Holliday is close, very close, to breaking one.

—MetLife is not a particularly loud stadium. That, or the press box has sound-proof glass.

—Duke Ihenacho, the focus of our “Roots” series this week, is the thumper on this defense.

—Peyton Manning was 12 of 16 for 132 yards in the first quarter. And the Broncos didn’t score. Looks a whole lot like the Ravens game so far.

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Broncos Gameday Live Report — Giants 3, Broncos 0 — 4:40 left in first quarter — MetLife Stadium

—Things the Broncos should stop doing: drafting running backs, handing off, handing off to their drafted running backs.

—Undrafted running back C.J. Anderson is inactive today.

—Rough start to this season for Eric Decker. Lowest-graded player on the Broncos offense in Week One, according to Pro Football Focus. Offensive pass interference today.

—After Montee Ball killed an impressive drive with a fumble, the Broncos went right back to him. On 3rd-and-14, he gained 15 yards.

—The Giants can’t stop the Broncos. But the Broncos can stop the Broncos.

—Most popular jerseys in the stands below the press box: Eli Manning, Crus, Tuck, (Lawrence) Taylor and more Eli Manning.

—John Fox thought Eric Decker was interfered with. So did I.

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Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos (1-0) at Giants (0-1) — MetLife Stadium — Kickoff (2:25 p.m. MST)

—Peyton and Eli are at midfield for the coin toss. They shook hands. Then Peyton gave Eli a wedgie and made him take the bottom bunk.

—Prediction: Giants running back Brandon Jacobs will do something notable today. Not sure if it will be good, or bad, but something.

—Prediction II: The guy in Section 248 will put his shirt back on before halftime.

—Prediction III: Both Mannings will eclipse 400 yards passing today.

—Prediction IV: the team with the better pass rush wins.

—Prediction V: Broncos 34, Giants 30.

Back in a few.



Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos (1-0) at Giants (0-1) — MetLife Stadium — 45 minutes until kickoff (2:25 p.m. MST)

—Peyton Manning is going through his usual pregame routine — series of passes to the defensive backs (still think that’s strange), quick jump passes (three in a row), stretching with teammates.

—Brandon Jacobs, the newly signed Giant, delivered the pregame speech to his teammates. He is one fiery man.

—MetLife Stadium arrived with a serious sound system. Sounds like Jay Z moved Barclays to Jersey.

—Jeff Legwold of is pleased the Illinois football program appears to be making progress. He’s an Illini.

—Todd Helton retires. Who else is on Colorado sports Mount Rushmore?

—Good to see The Lumineers concert is still a go tonight at Red Rocks. That’s going to be a party, a deserving break from a wet reality.

—Chris Harris is dancing on the 5-yard line. Here’s how Chris asked out his wife, Leah.

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Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos (1-0) at Giants (0-1) — MetLife Stadium — 1 hour, 25 minutes until kickoff (2:25 p.m. MST)

—Champ Bailey officially inactive for today’s game. Not a good matchup to be without Champ, so the Broncos will roll out DRC, Chris Harris, Tony Carter, etc., to defend Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks, etc.

—Say Mike Shanahan does get fired in Washington. Has a coach ever made more money from being fired?

—The best sports bar in this metro area: MetLife Stadium. The four big screens are all showing live games — on enormous screens around the stadium

—Christina invited me to her family’s tailgate in Lot A. They’re cooking brats. I can’t make it. Bummer.

—No sign of the Mannings yet. The photographers lined up early to get the first shot.

Back in a few.



Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos (1-0) at Giants (0-1) — MetLife Stadium — 2 hours until kickoff (2:25 p.m. MST)

—The Packers, who are No. 2 in the Klee Power Rankings (Broncos), are putting it on the Redskins, 24-0, in the first half.

—Is it possible Mike Shanahan won’t make it to Week 8 and his homecoming game at Denver? That’s a reach. But his Skins, combined with the RGIII knee drama, don’t look good for the ex-Broncos coach.

—Big fan of public transportation. Bigger fan of New York’s public transportation. Unfortunately, the train from Secaucus to the Meadowlands doesn’t run until 3 hours before kickoff. So I hopped a quick cab ride from the Secaucus station… which turned into quite a long cab ride from the Secaucus station. You will notice the flat tire (above).

—The Redskins game is on the (four) big screens inside MetLife Stadium. It’s an NFC East thing.

Back in a few.



Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos (1-0) at Giants (0-1) — MetLife Stadium — 2 1/2 hours until kickoff (2:25 p.m. MST)

—Praying for all the of the flood victims back in Colorado. Your story is a national story. At least two TV stations in New York included the Colorado floods in the A block of their newscasts last night.

—Tickets for the Manning Bowl on were going for up to $3,900. That was for a club suite. Or, you could pay one month’s rent for a 2-BR apartment in the East Village.

—Gorgeous, sunroof Sunday here in East Rutherford. The tailgaters were in full force when Klee arrived at 11:30 a.m. Noticed a lot of Broncos jerseys as well.

—The best tailgate set-up, at least that I saw, belonged to a Chiefs fan. He had two grills going and two big screens tuned to the NFL pregame shows. And a Chiefs flag.

—Players are starting to make their way onto the field. Some of the Giants, at least. No sign of Peyton or Eli. Yet.

Back in a few.



Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos (1-0) at Giants (0-1) — MetLife Stadium — Three hours until kickoff (2:25 p.m. MST)

Great afternoon everyone. Denver columnist Paul Klee joining you from here at MetLife Stadium (above), where the New York Giants play in New Jersey. We are really, really early today. But why not? This game is kind of a big deal. Let’s get started…

—Bill Parcells is being inducted into the Giants Hall of Fame today, and there’s a stage at midfield. Microphone check, 1, 2, 12.

—This brand spankin’ new stadium is quite a sight. It looks enormous from the outside… and bigger from the inside. This is also the site of Super Bowl XLVIII — the next Super Bowl — in February. Other performances to grace this field: Bon Jovi, WWE, U2, The Eagles and Bruce Springsteen.

—Full contingent of Colorado media types in attendance, including Jeff Legwold (, Mike Klis (Denver Post) and Joan Niesen (Denver Post). Be sure to read their stuff, as well.

—In other news, Todd Helton last night announced what we all expected. This is the first baseman’s final season as a baseball player. The Rockies will hold a news conference Monday, when Helton will address his retirement.

—Broncos column rundown from this week:

—Should Von be gone? Get a grip, friends.

—What to expect in Sunday’s game? The Giants will be ready.

—Brotherly love or bitter sibling rivalry? You be the judge.

—No sign of Peyton or Eli. Yet.

Back in a few. Up until kickoff, I’ll update this Live Report about every 30 minutes.