Gazette readers who wish to help 10-year-old Aden Knar, who suffers from lymphoblastic leukemia, but cannot make it to the bone marrow drive this weekend have other opportunities to help.

The Gazette published Thursday about the Knar and the difficulties he's having finding a suitable DNA match for a bone marrow transplant that's needed to save his life.

A bone marrow donor drive is scheduled from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at Falcon Virtual Academy, 6113 Constitution Ave., just east of Powers Boulevard.

Dianna Hemphill, spokeswoman for Bonfils Blood Center, which is organizing the drive, said those who cannot participate in the the drive, can click on this link, where they can discover whether they're a possible DNA match.

Hemphill said those who do not meet the donation criteria, are still welcome to make cash donations to aid Knar's efforts.

For more information, call Bonfils at (303) 363-2300