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Paul Klee  
The Broncos and Rockies, with an eye on the Nuggets, Avalanche and other Denver-area topics.

Klee blog: Power of Peyton overshadows real story of Denver Broncos

Klee blog: MLB playoffs show gap between Rockies and contenders
By: Paul Klee - 0 10 hr ago


In light of a super-interesting Game 4 between the Dodgers and Mets today, the following is presented without commentary:  


Klee blog: NFL power rankings, Week 5 (Raiders week edition)
By: Paul Klee - 0 Thu, Oct 8, 2015

Bits of Broncos news from Dove Valley today:

—I asked Von Miller if he had read Jack Del Rio's opinion that Oakland pass-rusher Khalil Mack is...

Klee blog: New Broncos change the headline for Patriots, Packers games
By: Paul Klee - 0 Mon, Oct 5, 2015

What do the Bengals, Packers and Patriots have in common? 

One, they probably will sit atop this week's NFL power...

Klee blog: NFL power rankings, Week 4 (Broncos-Patriots edition)
By: Paul Klee - 0 Thu, Oct 1, 2015

It's October, and September happened fast. What do we know about this NFL season? Conventional wisdom suggests the top of the football food...

Klee blog: Only Week 3, and Denver Broncos in prime position in AFC West
By: Paul Klee - 0 Mon, Sep 28, 2015

They were booed, harassed, then cheered. By the time the Lions crowd had found the exit, and the Greektown Casino down the road, the remaining fans...

Klee blog: NFL power rankings, Week 3
By: Paul Klee - 0 Wed, Sep 23, 2015

The Broncos play at Detroit on Sunday, and the Lions are 0-2. Remember the last time the Broncos opened 0-2? (I didn't, either. Had to look it...

Klee blog: Problem with Peyton Manning and Broncos offense? Watch the Colts
By: Paul Klee - 0 Wed, Sep 23, 2015

Is it Peyton Freakin' Manning or Freakin' Peyton Manning? 

Maybe it's neither. Maybe it's the offensive line. Turns out, his old team is...

Klee blog: Coors Field is the Colorado Rockies' issue, Chapter 27
By: Paul Klee - 0 Tue, Sep 22, 2015

At some point the Rockies will come around. They will see this and this and this and move the fences and rearrange the dimensions and take steps...

Klee blog: Don't be fooled, Colorado Buffaloes in big trouble in Pac-12
By: Paul Klee - 0 Mon, Sep 21, 2015

In Saturday's Rocky Mountain Showdown, the University of Colorado got whooped at the line of scrimmage and showed a startling lack of team...

Klee blog: Broncos MVP (MVC?) through two games: Wade Phillips
By: Paul Klee - 0 Fri, Sep 18, 2015

Still think Wade Phillips was the wrong choice as defensive coordinator of the Broncos?

Vance Joseph was the popular pick, and...

Klee blog: NFL power rankings, Week 2
By: Paul Klee - 0 Thu, Sep 17, 2015

Klee's NFL power rankings, Week 2:

1. Green Bay (1-0) — How good is that Nov. 1, Rodgers-Manning, Super Bowl XXXII rematch shaping...

Klee blog: Broncos postcard: Kansas City
By: Paul Klee - 0 Thu, Sep 17, 2015

A snapshot of local happenings when the Broncos are on the road....

Broncos Postcard: Kansas City 

-It's "Red Thursday"...

Klee blog: Von Miller, not Peyton Manning, must lead Broncos in Kansas City
By: Paul Klee - 0 Wed, Sep 16, 2015

On their way to a Super Bowl win two seasons ago, the Seahawks won six games by scoring 20 or fewer points. On their way to a Super Bowl win...

Klee blog: Peyton Manning's Broncos the underdog? Believe it
By: Paul Klee - 0 Tue, Sep 15, 2015

Filed under Big Foot's whereabouts, Clayton Kershaw's weakness, Jessica Alba's bad side, is this juicy nugget: Peyton Manning's Broncos are...

Klee blog: How will Peyton Manning approach this unusual Broncos season?
By: Paul Klee - 0 Mon, Sep 14, 2015

At the risk of writing what I'll write about before the Chiefs game, this is what stuck with me from the postgame locker room after tonight's...

Klee blog: After Saturday results, Showdown bigger for CU than CSU
By: Paul Klee - 0 Sat, Sep 12, 2015

FORT COLLINS — Mike Bobo won't go quietly, nor does he appreciate a quiet crowd.

Right after Colorado State sacked the Minnesota...

Klee blog: 2015 NFL Power Rankings (OK, just the Top 10)
By: Paul Klee - 0 Thu, Sep 10, 2015

American sports fanatics love three things, at least: Free T-shirts, seeing themselves on the Jumbotron, and lists. All three get our...

Klee blog: Air Force's Ben Garland signs with Atlanta Falcons
By: Paul Klee - 0 Wed, Sep 9, 2015

This isn't on the Broncos, who gave an undrafted free agent every opportunity to make their practice squad, then their 53-man squad.


Klee blog: Is Peyton Manning's glove a shield from Patriots' deception?
By: Paul Klee - 0 Tue, Sep 8, 2015

Peyton Manning's glove was gone. Now it's back.

The Patriots were acquitted. Now they're back.


There's more to...

Klee blog: When's the payoff for Denver Broncos free-agent binge?
By: Paul Klee - 0 Mon, Sep 7, 2015

The Broncos will be without one of their starting safeties against the Ravens.

No biggie. The safety...

Klee blog: Predicting the Denver Broncos' 53-man roster
By: Paul Klee - 0 Wed, Sep 2, 2015

This is a terrible idea, and I'm good at those. Just ahead of the Broncos' final preseason game on Thursday, in which the starters won't play,...

Klee blog: Podcast! A closer look at Broncos-49ers
By: Paul Klee - 0 Sat, Aug 29, 2015

Excellent chat with Sandy Clough and Scott Hastings on Denver's 104.3 The Fan on Friday. We talked Broncos-49ers, John Elway, even a little Shaq...

Klee blog: Denver Broncos boss John Elway gets his guy — again
By: Paul Klee - 0 Thu, Aug 27, 2015

Couple years ago, you might remember, Elway wasn't comfortable with the idea of Tim Tebow quarterbacking the Broncos' offense. He went out and...

Klee blog: Are we really mad at ESPN's Cris Carter?
By: Paul Klee - 0 Mon, Aug 24, 2015

This Cris Carter thing is silly. All of it: That saying the truth is controversial, that assuming millionaire 22-year-olds aren't going to get in...

Klee blog: Three things to watch during tonight's Broncos-Texans game
By: Paul Klee - 0 Sat, Aug 22, 2015

Just arrived in Houston, where it's one bazillion degrees. There's a football game tonight, and that's excellent. Three things to watch (after...

Klee blog: Gary Barnett would've been a Hall of Famer at CU, Buffs legend says
By: Paul Klee - 0 Fri, Aug 21, 2015

How did Colorado football tumble into a dark sea of irrelevancy? Legendary quarterback Darian Hagan shared his thoughts here.


Klee blog: Who's on Colorado sports' presidential ticket?
By: Paul Klee - 0 Wed, Aug 19, 2015

You know Peyton Manning someday is running for president. Again the quarterback's aw-shucks diplomacy was on display when he downplayed Tom...

Klee blog: Denver Broncos defense making the offensive line better?
By: Paul Klee - 0 Tue, Aug 18, 2015

J.J. Watt will be next. You've heard of him. Plays football, has a show on HBO, bleeds everywhere.

He's next. The Broncos offensive line must...

Klee blog: Denver Broncos no longer Super Bowl favorites (maybe that's a good thing)
By: Paul Klee - 0 Sat, Aug 15, 2015

Well, this is a departure from the norm.

After the Broncos lost to the Ravens on a frigid night at Mile High, they still opened the next...