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What’s the value of $100 in Colorado compared to other states?


So you have $100 and you live in Colorado. Well, you may have the money in your account or in your wallet, you really don’t. Weird, I know. Why? Well, read on. A $100 bucks isn’t a $100 in Colorado, apparently, according to a recent post by Tax Foundation.The rate is based on the average prices for similar goods per state. The relative...

List: This Colorado city is the top college town in America


Are you suprised Boulder is tops when it comes to college towns in America? Boulder was ranked first in the 50 best college town list by Best College Reviews. Fort Collins was ranked 14th and was the only other Colorado city on the list. Boulder beat out Ann Arbor, Mich., and Madison, Wisc., Here is a little of of Boulder's profile:...

Colorado among the best for Native American celebration


This is the ultimate list for any powwow fan. The Denver March Powwow is 10 of the best in the country, according to a fun USA Today list. “The powwow season kicks off every March with this event, which attracts a huge number of Native American drum groups. These organizations usually have 12 to 15 people with male drummers and female...

List: Why Colorado women are the best


The Denver City Page ( posted 10 reasons “Why Colorado Girls Are The Best Girls On Earth”. Do you agree with this list? It’s tough to post a list like this without being stereotypical or perhaps coming off as sexist. Read the comments to see for yourself. Here are the top 3...

Blog: So, Obama wants to sell Colorado


  Wait, no he doesn’t. Or does he? Wait, what? The satirical wizards at the Onion are having fun with Colorado. The website posted an article Wednesday with the headline: “Obama Has Colorado Appraised”. Value could reach in the 13 figures, apparently. “Colorado has a lot of great things going for it in terms of spaciousness and its...

Blog: Peterson AF officer crowned Miss Black USA


Miss Black Colorado is now Miss Black USA. Jasmine Alexander, an Air Force Intelligence Officer stationed at Peterson Air Force Base, was crowned winner Sunday in Washington D.C. Way to go, Jasmine. Alexander won a $5,000 scholarship and a trip to Africa, according to a news release. Alexander will user her reign to promote the Heart Truth...

Photos: Colorado woman wins Denver airport selfie contest


Congratulations Allison Trembly! The Arvada resident was the winner in a recent DIA selfie tweet contest. DIA asked Twitter users to tweet why @DENairport is America's favorite connecting hub "I love, love, #LoveDIA for the opportunities it gives me to travel across the world and connecting me with the people I love."...

List: Colorado zip line makes top 10


When you think of zip line in Colorado, what comes to mind right away? Is it the Soaring Tree Top Adventures in Durango? Well, apparently it should be. The Durango zip line was recommended by USA Today as one of the best in the country. Here's what USA Today says about it: "Here, thrill-seekers zip over a mile and a half of cable on 27...

Hey Colorado teens, don't attempt the 'fire challenge'


Apperently there is a new, dangerous and troubeling trend going around on social media that encourages young people to light themselves up on fire. Wait, what? Yes, this is a horrible idea and the "fire challenge" shouldn't be attempted.  There's so many things that could and will go wrong. Teens across the country have doused...

Map: The richest person in Colorado is...


Quick, can you name the richest person in the Centennial State? No, it's not Peyton Manning. It's Dish Network chairman Charles Ergen, valued at $15 billion, according to Movoto. Ergen is one of 442 billionaries with U.S. citizenship, according to Forbes. Forbes also listed Ergen as the 55th richest person in the world.

List: Manitou’s best outdoor attraction named Colorado’s 7 most ‘amazing outdoor hidden gems’


303 Magazine put together a fun list of Colorado attractions that many of you already know of and love. The Incline in Manitou Springs was third of seven in “The 7 Most Amazing Outdoor Hidden Gems in Colorado.” Manitou Springs is popular these days, even more so now with the recently opened recreational pot shop and that the Incline’s days...

A Colorado photo wins National Geographic contest


A photo taken in northeastern Colorado was crowned the best in the National Geographic Traveler photo 2014 contest. The photo, titled The Independence Day, was taken by a storm chaser in Julesburg. The photo, a beautiful photo at that, shows a supercell and was taken May 28, 2013. The photo is something right out of the movies, in my opinion....

Drone with camera crashes overnight in Colorado backyard; homeowner wants answers


  George Ray shows CBS4′s Suzanne McCarroll where the drone was flying before it crashed (credit: CBS) A Brighton man went to

List: Colorado places that take your breath away – literally


  Snow blankets the Garden of the Gods Tuesday, January 28, 2014. This image was created by combining multiple photographs into one panoramic image. Michael Ciaglo, The Gazette

Why Colorado Springs? Here’s why


If you’re thinking about Colorado Springs as your next home or need a reason to stay, I recommend you watch this YouTube video. “This IS Colorado Springs”, posted March 21, 2013 and has close to 12,000 views. It’s a 4-minute highlight video of the best of what our area has to offer.

Iroquois Nationals in Colorado for World Lacrosse Championships; team to hang out with fans Monday


  The Iroquois Nationals first practice in Denver last night.  First games against England is July 11, 8 pm on ESPN3. (Photo by Clark Tallbull) #NativeAthletes #IroquoisNationals #WorldLax2014 photo via NDNSPORTS

I was in Rifle and I stopped by Shooters Grill (sort of)


I’m on my way to a conference in California and my route included Interstate 70. I was in a hurry but wanted to stop in Rifle to gas up at the very least, perhaps grab a quick bite at Colorado’s latest media gem, Shooters Grill.

CC connection to my predicted World Lacrosse Championship winner


  Iroquois Nationals. (photo via

Colorado Springs-area gems featured on national TV show


  PHOTO: Producer Chemene Pelzer speaks to locals before their 2,000-foot hike up the Manitou Springs Incline. Lauren Sullivan/TODAY - A national TV audience is getting a taste of what us Colorado Springs-area residents get to see every day with little to no effort Today Show crews are in the area filming Pikes Peak and Garden of...

Must-see: World Lacrosse Championships in Denver; event ends Saturday


The FIL World Lacrosse Championships are in the Denver area this week and to no one surprise Team USA rolled through its power division to claim the No. 1 seed in the knockout stage.

Looking for a ‘Great American Road Trip’? Colorado has at least one

2014-07-20 I’ve never actually been on

DIA listed amongst most beautiful airports


Kudos to the Denver International Airport for being named one of the 10 most beautiful airports in the world, according to Vanity Fair France. @DENAirport sent out the tweet Sunday morning and being the Colorado on the Web guy, I clicked on the link. The link is in French and I like most of you, I don’t speak French. I spotted out ‘Denver’...

Map: Is Colorado a dog or a cat state?


  Via Dog owners in orange, cat owners in purple. I don’t think anyone in Colorado is surprised

Map: How hot will Colorado Springs be in 2100?


  (via If you think it’s hot out

Selfie on a airport runway? Yes, please.


Who doesn’t want to take a selfie on an airport runway? Sign me up.

Some ‘amazing’ cats are coming to Colorado Springs


  (9News) I’ve been to a circus a few times. But a cat circus? Nope.

Get married in Colorado, we got weed bouquets


The New York Times published a fascinating fashion story this week on weddings with marijuana. And of course Colorado was mentioned plenty of times.

List: Top 5 Colorado areas known for getting a speeding ticket


Here is a handy list to reference to for Colorado drivers. Our friends at Fox 31 in Denver asked Colorado State Patrol where the hot spots are for speeding tickets.

Road trip? Colorado is one of the best


Colorado is the 10th best state for road trips, according to WalletHub. Oregon, Idaho, Minnesota, Utah and Washington are top-5 while Mississippi, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Arkansas and Alaska round out the bottom. The rating is based on driving and accommodation costs rank, traffic, weather and scenic attractions. Colorado is high in scenic...

Did you see the video of the Colorado woman hanging from hooks?


If you’re ever in Boulder County, keep an eye out for Lisa Marteau. She might be hard to miss. Marteau likes to hang from hooks pierced through her skin, according to the Daily Camera. It’s called body suspension. “It feels like flying,” she said. Read more about it and Marteau here.  

Which game console rules in Colorado?


I was once a gamer. I had the popular video game consoles as a kid and I still have the Power Glove tucked away for safe keeping. Perhaps I could use it for Halloween one of these years. Anyway, the nerds at the popular Movoto Blog did all the heavy leg work and created a […]

List: Did you know this about Colorado Springs?


The Web wizards at the popular Movoto blog posted a fun list with a local angle called “45 Things You Probably Didn’t know About Colorado Springs”. Some of the list is new to me but I haven’t lived here long. Here’s the first two.  1. A popular Colorado Springs myth is that the city gets […]

Incredible Colorado storm photo featured on National Geographic website


I scroll through tons of photos daily on social media and on the Internet. Hey, it’s my job. Sometimes I find one that catches my attention longer than most. Tuesday was one of those days. I saw a post from National Geographic on Twitter of an incredible storm photo taken in Colorado. A supercell storm […]

Colorado man turns 60, celebrates 60 ways


Brian O’Malley, @BrianOMalleyCSP, used Twitter Monday morning to show the world what he did on his 60th birthday. The Colorado man created a hash tag for those interested in keeping tabs on his adventures, #60at60in24hrs #60At60In24hrs a challenge to keep up w posts. Sunrise on Mt Evans was beautiful — Brian OMalley...

Map: ‘Duck, Duck, Gray Duck’


I think I might have to bring the Gray Duck to Colorado. Only we Minnesotans understand the Gray Duck. Not saying we’re superior or anything but. Here’s a map. I grew up playing “Duck, Duck, Gray Duck”, or what those in Colorado know as “Duck, Duck, Goose”. It’s the game children play that involves them […]

Map: Colorado’s biggest company by revenue is...


Arrow Electronics, Inc. is Colorado’s biggest company by revenue, according to a recent online post by Broadview Networks. Arrow is located in Englewood and its revenue is $21.35 billion, according to Broadview. Are you surprised that Arrow leads the way for Colorado? Broadview used data from Hoover’s, a D&B Company, and created a map of...

Map: Where Colorado residents fit when it comes to stress


The good news is that Colorado isn’t in the top 10 when it comes to stressed out states. Not quite bad news, but Colorado is the 21st most stressed out state, according to a handy graphic created by All the sun and humidity in Florida is stressful, apparently, because they are tops. Or it’s […]

Map: Does this horror movie best represent Colorado?


“The Shining” is a great movie and my opinion was set before I moved to Colorado. A U.S. map floating around on the Internet shows each state with a horror movie representing it. Now is each movie the best one to represent specific states? Well, that’s for debate. “The Shining” is one of those movies […]

Are Google driverless cars legal in Colorado?


“Well, there goes that Google car again without its driver.” Sure, it could happen. But could it happen in Colorado? According to one website, it’s possible. Google recently revealed its prototype driverless car. The car wouldn’t have a steering wheel, gas or brake pedals. The car would navigate through sensors and computing power. (wow!)...

Is marijuana playing a larger role in fatal Colorado crashes?


According to a recent report by USA Today, yes, Colorado has seen a spike in fatal crashes. Weed contributed to 12 percent of U.S. traffic deaths in 2010, tripled from a decade earlier, according to USA Today. In Colorado, the trend started in 2009, according to the report. Recreational marijuana sales have been allowed in […]

If Colorado was a high school kid


I find random things on social media. Wait, who doesn’t. Every once in a while I find a fun nugget. Wednesday was one of those days. Here’s a post on titled: The 50 States of America If They Were Actually High School Kids. No real surprise for Colorado. “Colorado is the kid everyone knows […]

Star newspaper columnist visits Colorado, tries marijuana edible, freaks out


The New York Times’ Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Maureen Dowd visited Colorado recently to write about marijuana and to apparently try a weed edible, and her experience has gone viral. Popular websites like Huffington Post and Gawker have mentioned the column, which was originally published online June 3. The column is titled: “Don’t Harsh...

Colorado on the Web: Go Boots!


Here’s a preview of Thursday’s Colorado on the Web column. Boots the cat is an amazing animal. See for yourself. Boots is a double amputee living in Colorado. A 10-second YouTube video of Boots the cat darting down a set of stairs has captured the hearts of animal lovers in Colorado and across the nation. […]

When did Colorado turn into a red state? When LeBron is involved


When did Colorado turn into a red state? On Sunday, apparently. But it’s not what you think. ESPN asked viewers this week about the NBA Finals, which start Thursday as the San Antonio Spurs host the Miami Heat. ESPN asked: Which team are you rooting for in the NBA Finals? In a screenshot floating around […]

Should false Broncos shirts be given to Colorado's homeless?


KUSA’s Drew Soicher has a great point in his recent web article. All the Denver Broncos Super Bowl 48 champion shirts should have gone to local people in need. The clothes went to people in need overseas and that’s a good thing, but what about those living in the U.S.? Honestly, does it matter if […]

Colorado photographer’s work highlighted in national news website


I remember my favorite playground as a kid. It was the playground outside my elementary school in rural Northern Minnesota. I remember the metal merry-go-round and metal white horse seesaw. Both were my favorite. We would push that sucker round and round as fast as we could and hang off by our arms. We would […]

A national look at Colorado marijuana after 5 months of sales


Interest article by The New York Times called “After 5 Months of Sales, Colorado Sees the Downside of a Legal High.” The article was published online Saturday. If you live in Colorado there is little new news in the article, but that’s the point of many Times stories. They write for a wider audience who […]

What does living in Colorado say about you?


BuzzFeed is usually good for a daily laugh no matter the topic. The site is pretty good with lists and with trending news. Here’s a fun one. BuzzFeed explains what the state you live in says about you. Each state has a handful of quotes about it. If you know Colorado, you shouldn’t be surprised […]

Where does Colorado rank amongst the smartest states?


Colorado is ranked second amongst the smartest states in America. Well done, Colorado. The Street, a digital financial media company, compiled the rankings and only Massachusetts is “smarter” than Colorado. The rankings were posted last week on its website. The “dumbest” state is West Virginia. Here’s what The Street came up with for...

Marijuana drug dealer smartphone app shelved


There’s an app for almost anything these days so I wasn’t surprised when I heard about “Weed Firm” or its popularity. “Weed Firm” is a smartphone app that allows users to live the life of a marijuana dealer. Basically it’s a game in form of selling weed and making “money.” “Weed Firm” doesn’t have a […]

Here’s what Coloradans search most on Google


  Paleo diet? Yes, please, signed a lot of Coloradans. The people of Colorado love searching the Internet for information on the diet, according to a Google search study by Estately. But what is the Paleo diet. We, The Gazette, published a story recently that explains what it is. Read it here. Here’s what else […]

An Earth mosaic, selfie style. Do you recognize Colorado?


I can see all the faces in Colorado, NASA asked people for selfies on Earth Day, April 22, and this is what they got.  NASA put together a cool selfie Earth mosaic loaded thousands of photos. Check it out. You can zoom in to Colorado. Do you recognize anyone? NASA used 36,422 to build the […]

Missing Colorado Springs model turns 21


A missing Colorado Springs woman turns 21 today. Kara Nichols, a model, disappeared on Oct. 9, 2012 under suspicious circumstances. She was on her way to Denver for a modeling gig. She never made it. ABC7 in Denver spoke recently with Nichols mother, Julia. “People don’t just disappear off planet Earth,” she said. “If she […]

Biden comes to The Springs, days after losing knife at USC commencement, The Onion reports


Vice President Joe Biden visits Colorado Springs later this month to address 1,000 graduating Air Force Academy cadets. I hope he brings his butterfly knife. Wait, what? Biden was in South Carolina earlier this month to speak to University of South Carolina graduates. The event went on without a hitch. Unless of course you’re The […]

Map: Colorado's language diversity


What’s the most commonly spoken language in Colorado other than English or Spanish? Like many states across the middle of the U.S., it’s German. Surprised? published a series of language-themed U.S. maps recently using the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. The maps are pretty cool and worth looking at to see our state’s...

Awesomely delicious Colorado eatery to be featured on Travel Channel


My favorite place to eat in all of Colorado will be featured on a national TV food show Tuesday night. Tocabe, An American Indian Eatery, will appear on Chow Masters, a food-tasting show on the Travel Channel. The show is at 7 p.m. Tocabe had me at hello. The restaurant is in Denver and billed […]

Good news: Colorado ranked among the best for job-seeking college grads


So, you just graduated college, now what? Come to Colorado because the Centennial State is among the best for job-seeking college grads, according to CreditDonkey. Colorado is ranked fifth, only behind California, Nevada, Washington and top ranked Texas. “Colorado is a good place to go if you want a career as a ski instructor,” reads […]

Is Colorado the most ‘magical’ state in America?


Yes, Colorado is the most “magical” state in all the land. Well, according to one travel website. And it’s not because of the marijuana. “Because regardless of your feelings on legalized pot, Colorado will leave you feeling absolutely magical,” a line reads in the Huffington Post’s travel story. You can read it here. Here are […]

Obama makes light of Colorado marijuana law at 'Nerd Prom'


President Obama turned comedian at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner. Obama took time to poke fun at himself, celebrities and Colorado’s marijuana law at Saturday’s star-studded event. Here’s what the president said about Colorado: “Colorado legalized marijuana this year, an interesting social experiment. I do hope it doesn’t lead a...

Colorado boy featured on sports trading card


A Colorado boy battling a brain tumor for most of his life is featured on his own Upper Deck card. Jack Miller, 9, of Louisville, was recently named an honorary player with the Colorado State University Rams football team. Now the kid has his own rookie card. Cool stuff. The third grader was diagnosed with […]

Map: Where homes lack indoor plumbing in Colorado


It’s troubling that more than half of a million occupied homes in the U.S. lack complete plumbing. The Washington Post published an article and an interactive map of the United States recently called, “1.6 million Americans don’t have indoor plumbing.” The article looks at the Census Bureau possibly dropping questions from its American Community...

Stereotype map of Colorado and every U.S. state


Apparently the good people at BuzzFeed have plenty of time on their hands. BuzzFeed asked its U.K. office to share the stereotypes they have for every state in the U.S. (ouch!) Skiing, mountains, marijuana and South Park is what BuzzFeed’s best across the pond think of Colorado. They’re not wrong, I guess. Weed was probably […]

People in Colorado love Colorado, well, most people.


Sixty-five percent of Colorado residents said that their state was the best or one of the best possible places to live, according to a Gallup poll via USA Today. Only 65 percent? Or is it, 65 percent! Colorado is ranked ninth. Compared to other states, 65 percent is pretty good. Only the people of Alaska, […]

Colorado on the Web column preview: 15 years after Columbine shooting


Dateline NBC chronicled the journey of Denver resident Sam Granillo. Granillo was a student at Columbine High when it was attacked April 20, 1999. Watch the Dateline videos here. Follow Granillo on Twitter here and for more on a project Granillo is working on called Columbine: Wounded Minds, visit here. I will link to my […]

Smoking weed is legal in Colorado, just don't try to fire one up at Coors Field


Apparently baseball fans are smoking marijuana at Coors Field. So much so that a warning sign was posted, according to multiple reports and social media. The popular sports blog, Deadspin, highlighted a tweet by @JeromeGrady that shows a photo of the sign. New sign at Coors field — jerome grady (@JeromeGrady)...

Map: No surprise who is Colorado’s most-Googled athlete


  Raise your hand if you guessed Peyton Manning. *hand raised* Broncos are king, everyone knows that in Colorado. So it’s no big surprise our favorite quarterback leads the popular search engine. Will Manning lead the Broncos to the promised land next season? Odds are likely he’ll get Denver to the Big Game, like he […]

Move over medical marijuana, Colorado legalizes medicinal fireworks


The satirical website The Onion is making Colorado jokes again. Clearly playing off Colorado and marijuana, a headline on read: Colorado Legalizes Medicinal Fireworks. I like it. Fireworks do a body good, apparently. Just ask bill author Sen. Andy Kerr. “Who are we to deny the most ailing among us the comfort that loud,...

Here’s how Colorado newspaper’s covered 4/20


4/20 came and went without any major problems, at least it appears that way. Our friends at Poynter put together the front pages of several Colorado newspapers, including The Gazette. All, of course, have a marijuana peg because we are Colorado after all. How could you not cover 4/20 in Colorado. Denver was packed with […]

Grammy/Oscar winner joins Colorado newspaper's marijuana team


Whoopi Goldberg filed her first column this week as a contributor to The Cannabist, The Denver Post’s news and culture website dedicated to all things weed. Goldberg’s first column is titled: “My vape pen and I, a love story.” You can read it here. Here’s some of the column: “My vape pen and I maintain […]

Looking for a cheap city to raise a family? Try Colorado Springs


Colorado Springs is the second cheapest city to raise a family, according to an article on That news probably makes a lot of local families happy or help would-be Colorado Springs families on the fence make a decision. Out of 52 mid-size U.S. cities, including cities like Portland and Minneapolis, the Springs is just […]

List: What you 'need' to know about Colorado Springs before you move to 'The Springs'


I’ll get to the photo later. I recently wrote a blog about Colorado Springs ranking as one of the cheapest cities to raise a family. You can read it here. But before you pack up all your things, sell your house and kiss your friends goodbye, you might want to go through this list of […]

GIF of synchronized skaters celebrating in Colorado Springs about to go viral


I had to share this. The popular sports blog Deadspin posted a GIF Wednesday showing a team of synchronized skaters celebrating at an event in Colorado Springs. The city hosted the 2014 U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships earlier this year. You can see the logo in the background. The GIF shows a skating team called Starlights, […]

Map: the Onion wants to know if felons have the right to vote


Should felons have the right to vote? Of course not, according to the Onion. “Can you imagine leaving elections in the hands of such uninformed decision-makers?” Ha. The satire website put together a map asking if felons have the right to vote. Each state is color coordinated to seven colors and descriptions. Colorado is red, […]

Now this is a cool map/portrait of Colorado


I had to post this photo big. This photo was shared by Sara Melzer, director of the Mike Wright Gallery in Denver. The portrait is by UK artist Ed Fairburg, according to a news release provided by Melzer. Fairburn will be debuting new portraits  on Colorado maps later this month. The portrait is stunning. For […]

Lunar eclipse to be visible to Colorado late Monday


I wish I was a night owl, especially Monday night. Why? I’m glad you asked. Colorado will get to see a lunar eclipse during the early morning hours Tuesday, according to a Denver Post weather blog. The eclipse will begin just before midnight, but the real good stuff doesn’t happen until 1:07. This is when […]

Report: 3 Colorado cities are tops in nation when it comes to tipping food-delivery workers


The top three cities in the U.S. known for being most generous when it comes to tipping food-delivery workers are in Colorado. Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins lead the nation as the most generous, according to a recent CNBC story. CNBC looked at GrubHub’s data from March 28, 2013 to March 27. The data includes […]

So-called Good Grammar Bandit catches media attention beyond Colorado


The so-called Good Grammar Bandit is still on the loose somewhere, perhaps Colorado. The man is accused of robbing four Denver banks earlier this month by allegedly handing the tellers good grammar notes. Not surprisingly, the bandit has made national headlines. The Washington Post mentions the suspect while pointing out badly-written bank...

Springtime in Colorado for a newbie


The good people at Denver Westword put together a fun guide of sorts for new Coloradans on preparation for springtime. Here are the website’s five: Bring a jacket, wear sunscreen, drink plenty of water, be prepared to handle Colorado Rockies game traffic and there are other great outdoor venues besides Red Rocks. Sound advice. As […]

Colorado comes close to owning the tag as the ‘horniest’ state thanks to a four-legged friend


  Colorado is the second horniest state in the U.S., thanks to our bighorn sheep population. What, you were expecting something else? “Digg Investigates” posted a map earlier this month titled: America’s Horniest States. The site clearly had fun with this one. Alaska is king with roughly 80,000 wild bighorn sheep, Dall sheep, mountain goats...

What is the most popular job in Colorado?


Colorado has a lot of atmospheric and space scientists for its size, apparently. According to Business Insider, who used Bureau of Labor Statistics’ data, created a fun map that shows the most over-represented job in each state. I’m not even sure what atmospheric and space scientist is. Here’s the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ definition of...

Boulder is again the most fit place in all the land


Here’s one more reason why we all should move to Boulder. Boulder again has the lowest obesity rate in the nation, according to Gallup and Healthways. Boulder is one of three Colorado communities to be listed among the top 10. “This may be because Colorado is known for its outdoor spaces and activities, which attracts […]

UPDATE: Colorado woman continues search for her missing dog in Arizona


What would you do if you lost your dog while out of state? Would you do everything you could to find your furry friend, even if that meant not coming home? That’s exactly what one Colorado woman is doing. Amariah Skye has been staying in Tempe, Ariz., since Feb. 19, looking for her best friend, […]

Map: If every state had an official meat


If Colorado had an official meat it would mutton, according to one recent web post about, well, meat. Apparently the good people at made an executive decision and pegged mutton with Colorado. Why? Here’s Slate’s explanation: Colorado is the most concentrated lamb feeding state in the country. So why assign it mutton instead of […]

Did the Feds file a lawsuit against Colorado over new state logo?


The Colorado House Republicans issued a news release Tuesday morning revealing that the Federal Government has filed a lawsuit over the new state logo saying it damages the credibility of the state and could scare away future tourists. “Colorado’s new logo so closely resembles a hazard symbol, it has a high probability of scaring off […]

Map: Fans of the Colorado Rockies go beyond Colorado


It’s Opening Day, baseball fans. Some argue it should be a national holiday. It’s time to celebrate. Forget about next year, this year. THIS is the YEAR my team will finally win it all. Right? No. Facebook, based on Likes, released a map showing which baseball teams are the most popular in each county across […]

Colorado’s cutest animal is…


According to one website, it’s the baby bighorn sheep. The Huffington Post compiled a list of the cutest baby animals, state by state. Do you agree with the Post’s selection for Colorado? Sure, the baby bighorn sheep is pretty cute, but is it the cutest of all the baby animals in Colorado? Here’s what the […]

List: Are these 10 Colorado Springs stereotypes accurate?


There’s a list for almost everything these days. They’re popular and usually pretty funny. But how many are accurate? I’ll leave that to you, especially with the following list. The “10 Colorado Springs stereotypes that are totally accurate” is floating around the Internet. Real estate website, Movoto, created the list: Colorado Springs is a...

Is boxing great Jack Dempsey still the state's greatest sports figure from Colorado?


Who is Colorado’s greatest sports figure? Most die-hard sports fans would say former Broncos quarterback John Elway. As a Colorado newbie, or outsider, Elway would be mine. But who is the greatest sports figure from Colorado? Is it still boxing great and The Manassa Mauler, Jack Dempsey? How about former MLB pitcher, Richard “Goose” Gossage?...

Will we (Colorado) survive the zombie apocalypse?


Good news, Colorado, we will survive the zombie apocalypse. Only Alaska and Wyoming are more likely to survive the pending zombie apocalypse, according to the real estate blog, “Given the growing frequency with which zombies appear in movies, TV shows, and your worst nightmares, it’s inevitable the zombie apocalypse will soon be...

Colorado digs higher education


Colorado is educated. In fact, Colorado is second among states when it comes to residents holding a four-year college degree. According to Business Insider, 36.3 percent of Colorado residents have a four-year degree, just behind Massachusetts. Business Insider uses data from shopping platform FindTheBest. Maryland and Connecticut follow...

Video: Watch massive Colorado dust devil form during burn


Now here is a pretty cool video Firefighter Thomas Rogers posted this video on YouTube March 14 and it has 144,000 views as of March 24. National website publications have picked it up. The video shows a dust devil form during a prescribed burn of 150 acres at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal in Denver. The […]

Steamboat Springs is Colorado’s cultural gem, according to…


One day I’ll visit Steamboat Springs. The town is just one of many places I want to visit in our lovely state. The city was recently featured in the 20 best small towns to visit in 2014, a list compiled by Steamboat Springs is fourth on the list and the only Colorado town to […]

The beauty of Denver March Powwow


Colorado is home to one of the biggest Native American powwows in the country. The powwow, Denver March, started Friday and ends Sunday. Today was my first time attending. I’ve been to my share of powwows – large and small – and Denver March is right up there in terms of size and beauty. Kudos […]

Map: How many times has Colorado been 'destroyed' in movies?


Here’s the story I was referring to in Thursday’s Colorado on the Web column. For map descriptions, click here.

What is Colorado worst at compared to other states? It starts with 'C' and ends in 'ocaine'


Colorado is known for a lot of good things, including its beauty and outdoors. But what is Colorado worst at? According to one map that lists what each U.S. state is worst at, we have the highest cocaine use. The map was put together by a reddit user bigafricanhat, who claims to have made it […]

A cat named Oreo dominated Colorado and the Internet this week


A cat named Oreo dominated Colorado and the Internet this week. The Colorado cat was stolen last weekend and found Tuesday scared but unharmed, according to the Coloradoan. The cat isn’t a regular house cat. Oreo is the hotel cat at the Armstrong Hotel in Fort Collins and loves warm hugs, probably. The Coloradoan reports […]

Just how weird is Colorado? It's Frozen Dead Guy weird


Thanks for nothing, Huffington Post. The Post published an article online March 11 naming the weirdest thing you never knew about your home state. Can you name Colorado’s without looking? Nederland is home to Colorado’s weirdest gem, according to the Post. And who is to argue with Grandpa Bredo Morstoel.  The town annually celebrates a […]

Blucifer or Blue Mustang? DIA's demon-looking horse goes by both


The eyes. The first time I drove by the blue horse, I glanced at it and quickly looked at it again in fear. You know the sculptured horse I’m referring to without even looking it up. Apparently the horse’s name is Blue Mustang and he was installed in 2008 to welcome visitors to Denver International […]

Palmer High School grad and ESPN College DameDay host to call games; signs extension through 2023


One of the premier college football showcases will have a new, but familiar voice calling games this season. Chris Fowler, a Palmer High School graduate, is the new play-by-play guy for ABC’s premier college football series, Saturday Night Football. The award-winning Fowler signed a contract extension with ESPN through 2023 and will begin his...

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