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Ramsey: Matt Carpenter has new routine for Pikes Peak Marathon


Matt Carpenter won the Pikes Peak Marathon 12 times and the Ascent six times. He spent Sunday working a few blocks from the finish line at Colorado Custard Company, which he owns. “It was a beautiful day out there to run,” he said late in the morning as he handed a chocolate cone to a customer. But he did not run on this beautiful day. Used to...

No team on Air Force football schedule makes preseason top 25


We’re going to hear, as we always do, about the toughness of Air Force’s football schedule. But it’s easier than usual in 2014. The Falcons will play no teams that made the Coaches Preason Top 25 Poll: Here’s the list: 1. Florida State 2. Alabama 3. Oklahoma 4. Oregon 5. Auburn 6. Ohio State  7. UCLA 8. Michigan State...

Fisher DeBerry’s intelligent, defiant attitude toward college football titans


Fisher DeBerry had a simple approach to every football game. The former Air Force Academy coach thought his Falcons could beat anybody. And I mean anybody. “I always told my players, ‘With hard work, we can beat anybody,’ ” DeBerry said. “Notre Dame, Ohio State, Texas, anybody. I didn’t we couldn’t win.

Ramsey: LeBron James should not wear Jordan’s No. 23


LeBron James should not wear No. 23, a number that will forever be associated with Michael Jordan.,

Fisher DeBerry talks about New York City, America's Gotham


Fisher DeBerry arrived in New York City in 2011 for an extended visit. I talked with him after he had spent two days roaming America’s Ultimate Big Town. DeBerry, of course, is the retired Hall of Fame football coach of the Air Force Falcons.

Manchester United’s van Gaal isn’t fan of Colorado’s heat and ‘height’


Louis van Gaal was not exactly the cheeriest guy after his team, Manchester United, fought to a 3-2 victory over AS Roma at Mile High on Saturday.

Bowlen’s secret to success: He stayed out of the way


Pat Bowlen is being celebrated today as he departs his day-to-day duties as Broncos owner.

Manning’s 18 a surprising fourth in NFL jersey sales


Was surprised to see Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning in the fourth position in sales of NFL jerseys.

Cowboys release Kyle Orton. Is he retiring? Or looking for a new gig?


ORTON, back when he was an average QB for the Broncos Some

Ramsey: World Cup final proves soccer critics correct in one regard


Yes, Sunday’s battle between Argentina and Germany could have used a few more goals.

Cleveland Cavaliers have backup plan if LeBron spurns them, once again


From Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the premier source for NBA news:

Ramsey: Is Ann Coulter funny? Is soccer boring? We wrestle with these vital questions


First, let me say I almost always enjoy and appreciate and read and ponder the comments found on the bottom of my columns on gazette.com. along with the e-mails that arrive in our modern version of a mailbox. I learn from many of the points, and I sense the deep devotion of sports fans who read The Gazette. I sometimes sense this devotion...

Ramsey: Happy birthday to the Springs own Goose Gossage


Richard “Goose” Gossage offers a lesson for all of us today, his birthday.

Ramsey: Happy birthday to Floyd Little, who made the Broncos legit


Happy birthday to Floyd Little. His arrival in Denver began the transformation of the Denver Broncos, who were in danger of moving to Birmingham (I’m not kidding) and were struggling mightily to sell tickets for games at Mile High Stadium (again, I’m not kidding). The Broncos ranked as the most downtrodden franchise in professional football...

Ramsey: The NBA’s all-time top 22. Has LeBron climbed into the top 10?


LeBron James is on the verge of invading the NBA’s all-time top 10, but he’s not quite there yet. Basketball is the ideal sport for the best-ever discussion. The game has only lived on the national stage since the early 1950s, which simplifies arguments. In baseball, you can make a strong case for Babe Ruth as the best-ever, and he began...

Ramsey: Landon Donovan luches word raid on Klinsmann


The great soccer American soccer debate of 2014 was this: Should Landon Donovan have played for America’s World Cup team? I say yes, but the team Jurgen Klinsmann assembled, the one that did not include No. 10, battled into the round of 16 and came achingly close to surviving into the round of 8. Donovan has been quite talkative since his...

What a great idea: The Luis Saurez – the bite king – bottle opener


A Chinese company has a fantastic idea. The company is selling Luis Suarez bottle openers.

What a great idea: The Luis Saurez - the bite king - bottle opener


A Chinese company has a fantastic idea. The company is selling Luis Suarez bottle openers. Unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere outside Canon City, you know the Uruguay star was busted for biting Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini last week. This inspired FIFA to suspend him for four-and-a-half months. This was the third time Suarez...

Colorado great Chauncey Billups looks ready to exit NBA


Chauncey Billups, once one of the greatest high school players in Colorado history, appears to be done as an NBA player. The Detroit Pistons have declined to picks up his $2.5 million option for next season. Billups averaged 15.2 points and 5.4 assists during his 16-year career. He led the Pistons to the 2004 NBA […]

Football magazine predicts dire seasons for Air Force, CU


Athlon Magazine predicts Air Force will finish with a 4-8 overall record and a 1-7 Mountain West Conference record. No member of the Falcons was named to the magazine’s preseason all-conference team. Athlon sees Air Force winning games against  D-1AA opponents Nicholls State and Georgia State along with one MWC win and a triumph over...

Ramsey: Carmelo unpopular despite impressive season with Knicks


The biggest current mystery in American sport? Here’s my nomination: Carmelo Anthony averaged 27.4 points, 8.1 rebounds and 3.1 assists for the New York Knicks and did not make the NBA’s first, second or third all-star team. He delivered what might have been the best season of his career, and he receives no love. LeBron […]

Ramsey: Ronaldo, Portugal earn tie with United States in fantastic soccer game


RONALDO AND FRIEND I realize several million American soccer fans are still stinging after Sunday’s 2-2 tie with Portugal. But it was, no doubt, a fantastic soccer game. Even American coach Jurgen Klinsmann had to admit the obvious. “Well, when you get scored on in the last second, it’s unfortunate,” Klinsmann said. “But I think...

Ramsey: Former Air Force QB Jaleel Awini a strong Ghana soccer fan


Drove to Denver on Monday to watch the U.S. vs. Ghana World Cup game with friends and family. A couple minutes before the game started, a tall man walked into the sports bar draped in the Ghana flag. There were about 150 people jammed into the bar, and they greeted the tall man with friendly […]

Let's applaud U.S. senators for standing up to Redskins racist moniker


Thrilled to see United States senators standing up for what’s right. A group of 50 senators are demanding Washington owner Danny Snyder drop the racist Redskins moniker. “Racism and bigotry have no place in professional sports,” said a letter signed by 49 senators supporting Native Americans. “… Every Sunday during...

Knicks interested in Nuggets Brian Shaw for coaching vacancy. Why?


Keep hearing the New York Knicks are looking at the Nuggets Brian Shaw for the team’s coaching vacancy. Why? Shaw was at the helm this season for the Nuggets collapse. Denver finished with a 36-46 record while Shaw clashed with Andre Miller and could never quite figure out what offense he wanted to run, Shaw […]

Air Force great Fisher DeBerry talks about the downside of texting


Fisher DeBerry talked a couple years ago about his philosophy of recruiting. His old team, the Air Force Falcons, could use some help in the area of recruiting. Lack of talent doomed Air Force to a 2-10 record last season. “I would have trouble myself if I was a young guy recruiting today,” DeBerry said. […]

Haviland, CC's new hockey coach, hopes to reach 20 wins ... next season


Mike Haviland is not a patient man., He looks at the Colorado College Tigers, a team that crawled to seven wins last season, and sees a team that can flirt with 20 wins in 2014-2015. No, I am not kidding. I asked Coach Mike how many wins he expects next season. “I would say, you […]

Seahawks Richard Sherman sees need to change Redskins racist moniker


Sean Gregory of Time Magazine sat down with Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman to talk about a variety of subjects, including Donald Sterling, the Los Angeles  Clippers owner who was recently exposed (in a private but taped conversation) as a racist. The Gregory-Sherman conversation took an unexpected, yet logical, turn. To the racist nickname...

Dan Reeves: Broncos underappreciated coaching hero


Dan Reeves is now best remembered as the Man Who Refused to Set John Elway Free. Coach and superstar often clashed during Reeves reign as head coach of the Broncos, and Elway ended this long-sizzling struggle by thrashing his old coach in the Super Bowl. Elway’s victory in the final game of his career, a […]

Here's the most impressive statistic from John Elway's career


John Elway earned five wins with only one loss in AFC title games. He gets heat for those three lopsided losses in the Super Bowl. He should get more credit for those five victories in the battle for AFC supremacy.

Mitchell High's Terry Miller belongs in CS Sports Hall of Fame


TERRY MILLER in an undated photo Terry Miller should have been a member of the Colorado Springs Sports Hall of Fame’s first class in 2000, but the powers that be who control entry to the Hall have – and this baffles me to no end – have locked the doors to the greatest high school […]

To Redskins owner Danny Boy Snyder: Your racist nickname IS an issue


Danny Boy Snyder is such a riot. He’s a rich guy who believes he can dictate reality. He announced yesterday that his team’s nickname – the Redskins – is “not an issue.” Only the nickname is an issue. And will remain an issue. A contentious, lingering issue that will follow Danny Boy around for as […]

Wild's Nate Prosser, a former CC star, reacts to Scott Owens departure


Nate Prosser of the Minnesota Wild was asked for his reaction to Scott Owens resignation as Colorado College hockey coach. Owens coached Prosser at CC from 2006-10. “I was pretty surprised,” Prosser said. “I thought he did a lot of good things when he was there. I don’t know all the details of it. I […]

What does Michael Phelps have left to prove in the pool?


What does Michael Phelps have left to prove in the pool? Yes, you had the same answer as I did. Nothing. Not sure why Phelps wants to return to competitive swimming, unless maybe he can’t figure out anything else to do with his life. I watched Phelps long climb to the top of Olympic competition. […]

Eric Decker and the peril of purchasing Broncos jerseys


ERIC DECKER, who has departed our state In November, I spent a day shopping with a friend who wanted to buy an Eric Decker jersey for her niece. And when I say I spent a day, I mean I spent a day. We searched through shops throughout Denver. All sold out of Decker jerseys. (Women, […]

Air Force's Serratore not interested in vacant Colorado College job


    Air Force coach Frank Serratore said he is not interested in the vacant Colorado College coaching position. “I’m going to get fired someday, but I’m going to let Air Force fire me,” Serratore said Sunday night. “I like where I’m working.” Serratore just completed his 17th season at Air Force.

Ruins and Colorado College hockey and Air Force football


  Last week, I described the Colorado College hockey program as being in a state of “ruins.” I recently used the same word to describe Air Force’s football program. Nobody from Air Force protested, maybe because the Falcons finished 2-10 in 2013. But I did hear from several CC fans who spoke against my use […]

Broncos make big mistake, allow Moreno to run away to Miami


    Anyone who catches passes or runs with the football on the Broncos offense is blessed. Their task is eased by the presence of Peyton Manning, one of the top dozen offensive players in NFL history. But there’s a burden that goes along with the blessing. Skepticism stalks these skill-position players. Almost anyone, the […]

Reggie Jackson, former Palmer High superstar, flirts with NBA stardom


One thing stands between Reggie Jackson and NBA stardom. His shooting touch. Jackson has every other gift and skill required. He’s fast. He soars high above the rim. He plays aggressive, wise defense. But he’s long struggled with his shooting touch. This was true at Palmer High and true during his days at Boston College. […]

Want to watch the birth of Eric Decker's daughter?


ERIC DECKER, father     Neither do I. But we might get the chance. Jessie James, Decker’s wife, announced the couple planned to film the birth. That means the couple will probably offer all of us the chance to watch the birth on their cheesy reality show, “Eric and Jessie.” The second season of the […]

Is Champ Bailey the Broncos all-time greatest defensive player?


THE CHAMP   RICH “TOMBSTONE” JACKSON     I’m not going to attempt to answer the question. At least not right now. In my view, Bailey ranks right at the top alongside Randy Gradishar (1974-83), Louis Wright (1975-86) and Rich Jackson (1967-71). Gradishar was a linebacker straight out of an instructional video. His...

Meet the Princess of Wales who makes ridiculous ice skating accusation


Virtue and Moir, silver medalists Meet Canadian journalist Rosie DiManno.  Or maybe I should say meet the Princess of Wales. DiManno insists, despite zero evidence, Canadians Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were robbed of gold in Olympic Ice Dance. “The U.S. has never won an ice dance championship at the Olympics. Obviously, the judges have […]

Big (Smelly) Euro Dude and other not-so-fun slices of the Olympic ride


           Friends and people I’ve just met often ask about my Olympic experience, and much of what I do on these exotic trips is the kind of high-level fun you would expect. This is The Big Daddy of Sporting Events, more diverse and intense and surprising and thrilling than any other.             But it’s not […]

A visit to a typical, down-home Russian diner


Many of my sports writing friends seek to recreate home when they travel far from home. I’ve been told several dozen times during my Olympic adventures where to find food that tastes just like food back home in the United States. I have a different goal. I want to try something new. A few blocks […]

Russians dislike the word "cold." I'm not sure why


Have talked with a few dozen Russians during my time here in Sochi. I’m headed to Moscow after the Olympics for a few days, and often ask for advice for that mini vacation. “Is it cold in Moscow?” I ask. The answer is almost always no. It’s warm in Moscow, my Russian friends insist. Then […]

A moment of silence for the fallen Broncos


Sat down last  Monday on a flight from Baltimore to Denver. The flight attendant stood before us to offer safety instructions, but first he wanted to offer comfort to Broncos fans. I think you’ll remember the Broncos suffered through utter devastation recently at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks. “We are going to observe a […]

Most Russian cyclists don't even bother to lock their bikes. Why?


I’m a devoted cyclist. When walking past a bike rack, I always take a close look at the locks. In a way, these locks are my competition. If the lock I use to secure my bike is flimsy compared to all the other locks, chances are the crooks will seek to steal my bike. Was […]

Putin's love life slightly more interesting than the lives of our recent leaders


MR. PUTIN AND HIS LADY FRIEND In America, we’re on a two-president streak when it comes to stable romance. George W. Bush and Barack Obama have delivered all kinds of drama into the lives of Americans, but none of this drama has anything to do with romance. George and Laura and Barack and Michelle lead […]

Thoughts on stray dogs in Sochi


SOCHI, Russia – When a few thousand journalists descend on any location, issues start emerging. For instance: The treatment of stray dogs in Sochi, Russia. I’m thinking there are more stray dogs in, say, Moscow, and I’m thinking it’s a bigger issue in Moscow, but a few thousand journalists are currently residing in Sochi....

Redskins honor Native Americans? How can this sorry franchise honor anyone?


      NEW YORK -NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is taking the cowardly, safe approach. He’s obviously not going to seek to persuade Redskins owner Danny Snyder to change the offensive name  of his franchise. “This is the name of a football team,” Goodell said Friday at his annual press conference. And the name, he...

Moreno should be Broncos top free-agent priority


      NEW YORK – When looking for the top priority among the Broncos free agents, start with Knowshon Moreno. I realize not everyone agrees with this view. Moreno rushed for 1,038 yards this season on 241 carries along with 60 catches and 13 total touchdowns, but those numbers are inflated in the eyes […]

Broncos Welker fires back at Patriots Belichick, AKA The Evil Genius


BILL BELICHICK. He’s always grumpy.     Wes Welker spoke the truth about his unexpectedly violent collision with Patriots defensive back Aqib Talib in the AFC title game. The play was just your average pick route. Average, that is, until Talib and Welker collided, and Talib went down with a leg injury. The next day, […]

Broncos playoff wins: Manning 2, Tebow 1


  For several months, I heard often from the most fanatic fan base in America. More fanatic than Taylor Swift’s. More fanatic than Elvis Presley’s. Yes, I heard from those who adore and support Tim Tebow. Listen, I’m not trying to dismiss these supporters. Those who adore Tim Tebow have reason for their frustration. Tebow...

The Seahawks Richard Sherman and the value of American public conversation


RICHARD SHERMAN OFFERS ENCOURAGING WORDS (I’m sure) TO TOM BRADY   Richard Sherman’s goofy, comical, cruel, wild, inspired, misguided rant following the Seahawks narrow win over the 49ers started a national conversation even more fascinating than his original words. He was attacked. He was defended. Those who defended him were...

Broncos 38, Patriots 35. That's my prediction. What's yours?


ERIC DECKER Sunday will not be a defensive classic. Two of the finest passers in NFL history will do battle, and I believe at least 70 points will be placed on the board. Yes, the Broncos defense is vulnerable after an avalanche of injury. That’s why Peyton Manning and his offense must score more than […]

The truth about Peyton Manning and Bud Light


    Peyton Manning recently scandalized those in Our Great State who adore beer. While trying to distract listeners from a question about his retirement, Manning said he was not pondering life after football. No, he was pondering an upcoming encounter with a Bud Light. Remember, he spoke these words in a state that deeply, […]

Patriots win, but is there celebrating in the streets? Ah, no


BOSTON – The Patriots defeated the Colts on Saturday night. It was an impressive win, but the victory did not inspire dancing in the streets here in Massachusetts. This state is in a different state than Colorado. The Bruins, Celtics and, especially, the Red Sox have earned strong allegiance over the years. In Colorado, most […]

A star is born? Gracie Gold dazzles at skating championships


GRACIE GOLD BOSTON – The crowd at TD Garden on the edge of downtown is extremely educated in the fine art of figure skating, and the cheering and clapping started early in Gracie Gold’s short program routine on Thursday night. By the time Gold finished her performance, there was a thunderous reaction from the crowd. […]

Broncos extremely fortunate to miss Andrew Luck and his blazing Colts


PHILIP RIVERS Denver faces a complicated challenge Sunday against the San Diego Chargers. Phil (The Loudmouth) Rivers is a gifted passer, and the Chargers defense delivered a superlative, wise effort in a win over the Broncos at Mile High. The Chargers will arrive in Colorado unburdened. Virtually no one expected them to travel this far. […]

Bears make big mistake, place their future in Jay Cutler's erratic hands


The Chicago Bears have placed their future in the shaky hands of quarterback Jay Cutler. Cutler has thrown 75 interceptions since 2009. He just employed the same right hand he used to toss all those interceptions to sign a seven-year contract for about $18 million per year. This includes at least $50 million in guaranteed […]

What's the point of 'hating' the Oakland Raiders?


  TED HENDRICKS AND GEORGE BLANDA PLAYED FOR RAIDERS TEAMS THAT ACTUALLY WON  Long ago, the Oakland Raiders were a legit NFL franchise. Today, the Raiders are in tatters after years of dwelling near – or flat-out at – the bottom of the league. When I was growing up in south Denver, everyone despised the […]

Offense dominates current NFL: Just look at difference between '77 Broncos and '13 Broncos


In 1977, the Denver Broncos marched to the Super Bowl while averaging 279 yards of total offense per game. Projected over a 16-game season, the Broncos would have compiled 4464 yards of total offense. In 2013, the Denver Broncos hope to march to the Super Bowl with an offense that averages 457 yards per game. […]

Army searches, most likely in vain, for a coach to revive its fallen football program


Army boasts a sensational football past, but we all know the most important tense is the present. The Black Knights used to win national titles. Now, the Black Knights reside near the bottom of college football. Rich Ellerson was fired Sunday night after lost 41 of 61 games, including only one win in 10 games […]

Palmer's Reggie Jackson can win NBA title in Oklahoma; In Colorado?


Strong column in today’s Gazette by my colleague Paul Klee about former Palmer mega-star Reggie Jackson, who is earning more minutes with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Jackson is a versatile, extremely talented shooting guard who has the current misfortune of playing the same position as the even more versatile and talented Russell Westbrook....

What? Broncos crawl to 18 yards rushing against Chargers


As the Broncos crash back to earth after Thursday’s 27-20 loss to the Chargers (a loss much more convincing than the score), there is reason to believe revival is just around the corner. The Broncos crawled  to 18 yards rushing against the Chargers. This might not be the top reason why the Chargers departed Colorado […]

Former Broncos great Floyd Little praises current great Peyton Manning


Floyd Little was, for a brief time, the Denver Broncos. In the early 1970s, Little dominated the franchise, lifted it to near respectability. He led the NFL in rushing in 1971 while running behind a less-than-dazzling offensive line. One of the better Broncos history arguments/questions is this: Who is the greatest running back in Broncos...

Hans Mueh speaks forcefully in support of embattled Troy Calhoun


Troy Calhoun just lost 10 games. He has not lost the support of athletic director Hans Mueh. I spent 45 minutes talking with Mueh this week about the state of the football program. Mueh is a realist. He understands changes must be made with the program’s struggling defense. But he remains a believer in Calhoun. […]

Carmelo Anthony is no Kobe Bryant


Watched Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks find a way to lose on Friday night to the Denver Nuggets. Watched Carmelo deliver a mediocre level of effort, take a lot of shots and play below-average defense. Also watched Carmelo fail to record a single assist. Carmelo was desperate to depart Denver. He wanted a […]

Carmelo Anthony is no Kobe Bryant


Watched Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks find a way to lose on Friday night to the Denver Nuggets. Watched Carmelo deliver a mediocre level of effort, take a lot of shots and play below-average defense. Also watched Carmelo fail to record a single assist. Carmelo was desperate to depart Denver. He wanted a […]

Air Force's Troy Calhoun gets emotional, but this is emotion Troy Calhoun-style


News flash: Air Force’s Troy Calhoun showed emotion during his press conference following his team’s dreary 41-21 loss to UNLV on a wickedly cold night at Falcon Stadium. (Must admit that I did not have to endure the cold; I watched from the cozy pressbox.) “Are there challenges? There are challenges,” Calhoun said. “Yet at […]

How many Air Force fans will brave Thursday's brutal weather?


As the weather forecast worsens, the sports question of the week becomes ever more interesting. How many Air Force fans will find the courage – and their long underwear hidden somewhere in a drawer – to face the vicious weather for Thursday’s clash against UNLV? (I don’t expect to see a single UNLV fan in […]

Air Force's favorite sports team? Torf says it's hockey, hands down


A few minutes after stifling Colorado College, goalie Jason Torf told me he believes the Air Force hockey squad is the most popular sports team among his fellow cadets. “Don’t tell the football team,” Torf said, laughing. I think players and coaches on the football team already suspect the truth, Jason. Torf was sensational,...

Air Force football fans should expect rugged battle Friday in New Mexico


Yes, Air Force has dominated New Mexico in recent seasons. In four seasons from 2008 to 2011, the Falcons overwhelmed the Lobos by 104 points. But last season’s game against New Mexico offers a telling preview for Friday night’s game in Albuquerque. The Lobos rushed for 409 yards – 6.9 yards per carry – seized […]

Cycling's disgraced legend Lance Armstrong and his creepy supporters


Lance Armstrong has lived one of those strange American lives. Once he seemed on his way to joining Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Joe Montana, Hank Aaron, Bobby Orr, Michael Jordan and a very few others atop the list of American sports heroes. Now, he’s near the top of the list of  disgraced Americans,  and we’re […]

Will new coach Brian Shaw find success this season with Nuggets? (No.)


Brian Shaw is preaching a tougher, slower philosophy with the Denver Nuggets. He’s looking for a more rugged defensive style. He’s not going to try to outrun his opponents.  In many ways, this change from the go-go George Karl era makes sense. Defense rules in the playoffs, which the Nuggets rapidly depart each season. But […]

Wait a minute: Words of caution for joyful Avs hockey fans


Suddenly, the Colorado Avalanche is relevant again after spending the past few seasons wandering through seasons without many friends in our state. After a 10-1 start, the Avs are again cool and Pepsi Center is a happy destination on game nights. Hiring Patrick Roy appears to have been a genius move. But … Let’s not […]

Farewell to Allen Iverson. Former Denver Nugget revolutionized basketball, for better and for worse


Allen Iverson is both overrated and underrated. He is overrated as a player. I’d see he had scored 30 points, and then look at the box score. He had scored 30 points mainly because he had launched 30 shots. In 2001-2002, one of his finest seasons with the 76ers, Iverson averaged 31.4 points per game. […]

Bronco Ronnie Hillman's career now in severe jeopardy because of fumbles


It’s been lonely. For months, I’ve been one of the three of four Ronnie Hillman supporters in the state of Colorado. After Hillman’s fumble Sunday night against the Colts, there might not be any Hillman supporters in our state. It was a huge mistake. The Broncos had momentum and millions upon millions of TV watchers […]

Irsay's remarks about Manning aren't 'cheap.' Irsay's remarks are the truth


Colts owner Jim Irsay wishes he owned more than one Super Bowl ring, especially considering his Colts traveled to the playoffs 11 times under Peyton Manning’s direction. Broncos coach John Fox, sticking up for his quarterback, says Irsay’s words are a “little bit of a cheap shot.” Hate to disagree, John, but Irsay’s...

What exactly did Weiss do to keep his job with the Rockies?


If you want to keep your job, get hired by the Colorado Rockies. Walt Weiss led the Rockies on a second-half collapse. He lost 52 of 81 games on the road. He finished 14 games under .500. He was handed a new 3-year contract on Tuesday. Is Weiss the man to lead the Rockies out […]

Expect Navy-Air Force game to be close. Here's why


Navy is a 14-point favorite to defeat Air Force in Saturday’s football game. Yes, that football game that almost didn’t happen. That spread is too high. Here’s why: In the past five games between Air Force and Navy, the largest margin of victory was eight points. Three games have been decided in overtime. Navy has […]

Does Air Force's football team stand a chance in Saturday's clash with Navy?


What kind of chance does Air Force have to grab a victory in Saturday’s clash with Navy? You know, the game that almost didn’t happen. Air Force has surrendered 195 points in the past four games. Meanwhile, Navy rolled to 92 points in impressive victories over Indiana and Delaware. Can Air Force resurrect its season […]

Karson Roberts faces a big test ... if Air Force plays Navy on Saturday


Karson Roberts delivered a superlative debut as Air Force’s quarterback on Saturday in a loss at Nevada. He directed Air Force’s complex option attack with expertise. He ran with authority. He passed when he had to pass. But Nevada has a recent history of having barely a clue against Air Force Roberts big test will […]

There's hope - really, there is - for Air Force's embattled football team


Air Force’s football team is taking the concept of struggling somewhere beyond the realm of struggling. The defense has allowed 150 points in the past three games, including 42 in one half against Wyoming, and the offense just lost its leader, Jaleel Awini, to suspension. Coach Troy Calhoun will be starting his third different quarterback...

There's hope for Air Force's football team. I'm serious


Air Force’s football team is taking the concept of struggling somewhere beyond the realm of struggling. The defense has allowed 150 points in the past three games, including 42 in one half against Wyoming, and the offense just lost its leader, Jaleel Awini, to suspension. Coach Troy Calhoun will be starting his third different quarterback...

Imagine a college football world where a coach leaves LSU for Army


Paul Dietzel, American hero and football vagabond, died this week, a day before he was to celebrate his 69th wedding anniversary with his high school sweetheart, Anne. Dietzel is best known for coaching the LSU Tigers to the 1958 national title, but what intrigues me most about his career is his move after the 1961 […]

Ramos, the 80-year-old busted for doping, says ESPN will soon tell his story


Don Ramos, a long-time Colorado Springs resident, is the oldest athlete ever sanctioned by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. He was busted this summer for steroid use. He’s 80. Ramos said Tuesday an ESPN reporter and film crew have visited him in Colorado Springs, filmed him working out and talked to him about his life story.  […]

Air Force's Calhoun voices confidence in Charlton Warren, his embattled defensive coordinator


This has been a brutal month for Air Force defensive coordinator Charlton Warren. His defense has surrendered 150 points in the last three games, including 42 in the first half against Wyoming Saturday night at Falcon Stadium. I asked Troy Calhoun at his weekly press conference if he retains confidence in Warren. “Very much so,”...

Talk about weird: An experience with Oakland Raiders message board


Seven or eight years ago, I visited the official Oakland Raiders message board and left a few vaguely critical words about Al Davis. About 30 minutes later, I received a brief, harsh note in my e-mail box informing me that I was forevermore banned from the Raiders message board. At first, I was surprised. Then […]

Broncos Knowshon emerges as whole new No. 27


When friends and family and enemies and strangers mentioned Knowshon Moreno as the Broncos starting running back, I was confused. Were they talking about the same Knowshon Moreno that I had watched for several seasons? The one who looked out-of-place on an NFL field? But there’s a whole new No. 27 on the field for […]

Broncos can make big statement against Giants in New Jersey


No Von Miller. No Champ Bailey. If the Broncos can topple the New York Giants on Sunday – and I believe they will – the franchise will make a siren statement to the rest of the NFL. The Broncos are jammed with offensive talent. This is no secret. But the Broncos defense showed surprising power […]

Magic Johnson joins Tim Tebow crusade


After the Jacksonville Jaguars bumbled their way to a 28-2 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, Magic Johnson offered a suggestion to those who run the Jaguars. “If the Jaguars are going to only score 2 points they might as well call Tim Tebow!” Magic tweeted to his 1,700,568 followers. Magic is a basketball man, […]

Broncos fans boo Ryan Seacrest - why?


This is an honest question. Was sitting in the press box at Mile High Thursday night minutes before Broncos-Ravens kickoff when a booming voice introduced Ryan Seacrest. The crowd responded with booing. This surprised me. Yes, Colorado fans boo Kobe Bryant at every opportunity, but we are generally a fairly mellow bunch. And I was […]

Utah State vs. Air Force football: A rare meeting of No. 66 vs. No. 67


Utah State is ranked No. 66 in the current USA Today College Football Poll. Air Force is ranked No. 67. The teams meet at 1:30 p.m. Saturday at Falcon Stadium. Vegas does not see the teams as being so close, though. Oddsmakers place Utah State as an 81/2- to-10-point point favorite over the Falcons, who […]

Johnny Football/Manziel and the Santa Fe Trail in the Springs


Was riding my bike this morning on the Santa Fe Trail through the Air Force Academy. And saw two fellow cyclists imitating Johnny Manziel’s – Football’s – signature celebration. You know, the celebration that enraged Rice opponents on Saturday and later led to Manziel’s unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and a trip to...

Tim Tebow in NFL peril ... again


Tim Tebow says he “will remain in relentless pursuit” of playing quarterback in the NFL. He better be plenty relentless. Tebow’s NFL career is in serious peril. Again. The New England Patriots cut him on Saturday. Here’s why Tebow fans should be extremely worried about his future: The Patriots signed Tebow to be their...

Will Air Force vs. Colgate provide great football drama? History says no


Air Force opens each football season against Football Championship Subdivision opponents, once known more simply as 1-AA. FBS is a step down from Division I. This FBS habit, a bad one, extends Air Force’s summer vacation by a week each season. Reality – and Utah State – arrive at Falcon Stadium next Saturday. The Falcons...

Has Hillman fumbled his way out of Broncos starting job?


I’ve long been a big believer in  Ronnie Hillman, largely because I watched him shred Air Force’s defense during his days with San Diego State. He runs bigger than his 195-pound frame. He’s tough. He can gain yards up the middle with his power and outside the corners with his speed. But … He has […]

As Tebow teeters, consider these revealing numbers


Tim Tebow is fighting for a roster spot with the New England Patriots, and it’s not looking promising. This is almost certainly his last stop, his last chance. I’ve heard this week  from several Tebow supporters. Not all of those supporters were friendly, but this is no surprise. Tebow fans are among the most fierce […]

A bad day - another one - for Tim Tebow and his stubborn believers


Tim Tebow completed 1 of 7 passes in an exhibition battle with the Bucs. His passing yardage total? Well, he didn’t have a total really. He had one negative yard. And he threw an interception. He almost threw another one. For Tebow true believers – and, trust me, there are legion of them lurking out […]

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