The Country Life   What happens when the city mouse moves to the country?

Blog: Looking for romance from the seat of a tractor

Jul 2, 2015

I talked this week with Jerry Miller, founder of; the...

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The Country Life: In the egg business

Jun 4, 2015

We're in the egg business! With the long days, our six hens have been...

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Blog: Chicken coop tour is this weekend

May 15, 2015

The sixth annual Take a Peak Chicken Coop Tour is Saturday and Sunday....

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Blog: A barn update: John Wayne WAS there

May 1, 2015

My column this week on the big red barn at Meadow Lake Airport in...

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The Country Life: Tracing a barn's 100-year history

Apr 7, 2015

I often drive by the old red barn on Judge Orr Road near the Meadow...

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Blog: Speaking with the Animal Whisperer

Mar 27, 2015

I talked this week with Herbert Aparicio, aka the Animal Whisperer....

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Blog: German POWs were in the Pikes Peak region, too

Feb 10, 2015

Tuesday’s Country Life column on Jerry Kaufman’s memories of German...

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Blog: The return of good old No. 17

Jan 12, 2015

Last May, I wrote about repeated visits by a group of cattle that kept...

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Blog: A desperate search, a Christmas miracle

Dec 26, 2014

So, how many Christmas miracles is one family entitled to? In my...

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Blog: Watching out for the horses

Nov 20, 2014

The recent case involving more than a dozen dead horses in Black Forest...

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Blog: Goats and "the rod of shame"

Nov 5, 2014

Robert Christie, who saw my Tuesday column on goat fencing, emailed me...

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Blog: Pumpkins for Pigs

Oct 29, 2014

So, what are you going to do with those Halloween pumpkins and...

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Blog: More on the issue of cruelty to animals

Oct 22, 2014

Tuesday’s Country Life column on cruelty to animals and whether there’s...

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Live and learn: Fencing NOT to get for a goat

Oct 6, 2014

Remind me next time to Google “goat fencing” BEFORE I actually buy the...

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Blog: What constitutes cruelty to animals?

Oct 3, 2014

Had an interesting conversation with Joe Stafford, director of animal...

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Blog: Visiting Homestead Ranch Regional Park

Sep 16, 2014

My column on the search for a new goat house mentions visiting a home...

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The Country Life: Happy anniversary - a year in the life

Sep 9, 2014

The Country Life column has passed the one-year mark. Over the year,...

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Blog: The future of farming?

Aug 19, 2014

Have I seen the future of farming? Over the weekend, I visited Heritage...

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Blog: Taking on the top killer of horses

Aug 15, 2014

I talked with Dr. Clint Unruh, with Colorado Equine Veterinary Services...

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Blog: Invasion of the botfly

Aug 12, 2014

My column on biting flies today did mention another fly threat to...

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Blog: A home for eggs; return of the chicks

Aug 4, 2014

    The question was: What do we do with all these eggs?...

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Steers, swine and 4-H

Jul 7, 2014

Over the weekend I learned about steers and swine.

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“Horseless Horse” and more on 4-H

Jul 15, 2014

My column on 4-H mentioned that 4-H is a lot more than just...

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Exploring the link between women and horses

Jul 22, 2014

Sure, there’s a long history of cowboys and their reliable steeds, but...

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Freedom for one bird, back with the flock for another

Jun 23, 2014

An update on two bird stories. On the day before Memorial Day, our...

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More on jacks - rabbits, that is

Jun 3, 2014

My column on jackrabbits spurred some readers to share their memories....

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All for the birds

May 27, 2014

  Monday was all about the birds. The night before, our daughter...

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Two goats without a house

May 22, 2014

We did not get rain or hail in our neighborhood in the Falcon area...

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What to do when the cows come home - to your home

May 6, 2014

I talked Monday with Chris Whitney, the state brand commissioner, about...

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Meeting the minis: Checking out pint-sized goats

Apr 23, 2014

Tuesday was all about the goats. In the morning, I visited the Colorado...

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A mule's shocking end

Apr 21, 2014

My column last week on mules stirred memories for reader Marvin Maul, a...

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Entering mule country

Apr 10, 2014

I paid a visit to the ranch of Linda and Charles Geist in eastern El...

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Windmill enthusiasts coming to Colorado

Apr 1, 2014

I started looking into windmills for my next Country Life column and...

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Powers Ranch auction on Saturday

Mar 17, 2014

In November, I wrote about the end of an era at the Powers Ranch east of...

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Some egg-stremely helpful advice

Mar 12, 2014

Who knew? Reader Terry Galbreath  (I wrote about his Bonny Burn Ranch...

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Baby chick season is here

Mar 6, 2014

Baby chick season is underway. The Big R store in Falcon received its...

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Dinosaur poo? Maybe not

Feb 26, 2014

Early this month, I wrote about Terry and Healther Galbreath and their...

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Colorado Springs Horseman's Day - and mules, too

Feb 24, 2014

I dropped in on Colorado Springs Horseman’s Day on Saturday. While...

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The safety of propane tanks - will they go boom?

Feb 18, 2014

I talked with Kristin Westman of Apollo Propane in Falcon today about...

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Chickens and eggs: Back in business

Feb 13, 2014

Punxsutawney Phil and his shadow recently predicted six more weeks of...

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Happiness is a full propane tank

Feb 7, 2014

We’ve made an addition to our longtime saying that “Happiness is a full...

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Preparing for the cold

Feb 4, 2014

I’m a little freaked about the severe cold predicted for the next...

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Jackrabbit for dinner? Maybe not

Jan 30, 2014

Jackrabbits sometimes hang out in our pasture and it’s always...

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50 pounds of manure a day? Not all agree

Jan 17, 2014

So how much poop DOES a horse produce? In my column on manure...

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A bunch of manure

Jan 13, 2014

When you have as many animals as we do, you have to deal with a lot of...

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The big R (not the store)

Sep 10, 2013

The new Country Life column is posted here. It’s about my struggle...

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Hanging out with the alpacas

Sep 9, 2013

I visited the O’Neill Brothers Alpaca Ranch over the weekend;...

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A new day dawns

Sep 6, 2013

Here’s one advantage to life in the country: Some pretty...

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A rooster remedy

Sep 5, 2013

My The Country Life column kicked off the other day with a column on why...

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