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Study group calls for preparing for Colorado's "Silver Tsunami"

By: - 0 - Tue, Nov 29, 2016

State officials were told Tuesday they should create a statewide office to prepare for Colorado's growing aging population, the so-called "Silver Tsunami," in which those 65 and older are expected to grow by more than half-a-million people by...

Election Day arrives with candidates urgently seeking voter turnout
By: Joey Bunch - 0 Mon, Nov 7, 2016

Ernie Rodriguez dropped off his ballot Monday morning at the Denver County elections office, and he wore a smile as he walked away.

"I didn't...

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Megan Schrader covers politics and state government from the Capitol building in Denver. She tackles complex budget and policy issues during the legislative session, keeps politicians honest during campaign season and launches investigations during the summer. She started her career as a student-reporter for the Grand Junction High School Orange and Black and followed her passion to the University of Missouri School of Journalism and newspapers in Kansas City; Gainesville, Florida and Oklahoma City.