This is the 17th of 20 profiles of The Gazette's Best & Brightest Class of 2013.

Sean Weller loves to move his feet.

Specifically, he loves to Irish Step Dance.

The attraction started when he was five or six years old and he watched a VHS tape of Lord of the Dance. Weller said that he and his siblings put on their own interpretation of the dance before their mother enrolled them in classes.

Weller has stuck with it ever since.

'I love movement, ' Weller said. 'It is like the rhetoric of the feet. If I'm standing alone long enough, I start moving my feet. I can't stop myself from doing it. '

His little sister still dances, but his 12-minute-older twin brother doesn't.

That doesn't mean the twins aren't incredibly close though.

'We practically read each other's minds, ' Weller said. 'It is very cool. '

He said they have been best friends since birth.

'It will be rough because we have never been apart for that long, ' he said about heading to college. 'But we're already planning for grad school together. '

Weller is interested in politics and has been a big voice in the youth community in Colorado Springs.

'I love being a voice, ' he said.

He worked with other youths to help establish teen suicide prevention training as part of teaching license renewal in the state. He also has testified on other issues. He said when he walks through the state capitol building, people know him and talk to him.

'What the rigorous classes and test scores don't showcase is Sean's amazing personality, communication skills, and friendliness. I truly could see Sean being a U.S. Senator at minimum, or being the Secretary of State or a Presidential candidate at best, ' his college counselor, Eric Beers, wrote in a letter of recommendation.

Weller will attend Harvard in the fall, and is excited for a change, but said he will miss Colorado Springs.

'I love just how beautiful this city is and the setting, ' he said. 'It's been a cool place to grow up. While the rest of the country is flocking here, I'm proud to call myself a native Coloradan. '

Sean Weller

Air Academy High School

Parents: Dennis and Erin Weller

College: Harvard University

Other: National Merit Finalist, Student Body President, U.S. Presidential Scholar candidate, National Forensic League Academic All-American Award, Colorado Boy's State delegate.