Wayne Heilman

Business Reporter

hail damage
Every window was lost on the south side of the Value Place Hotel near Airport Rd. and Powers Blvd. during a summer hail storm. (Tuesday, August 2, 2016. photo by Jerilee Bennett/The Gazette)
LearningRx, which operates a franchised network of 80 tutoring centers in 25 states, settled Federal Trade Commission charges about false and unsubstantiated claims about its "brain training" programs for $200,000 in May. They have been trying to rebuild since then and stand by that they're program is a great benefit to those who need help with their learning skills. Dr. Amy Moore, educational psychologist, and Tanya Mitchell, Chief Research Offer, stand by their curriculum and that is a benefit to many who use it. Tuesday, October 11, 2016. photo by Jerilee Bennett,The Gazette
Northbound traffic begins backing up on I-25 south of the Colorado Highway 105 bridge in Monument. Photo by Walter Laugesen