Tom Roeder

Military Editor

Tom Roeder is the Gazette's senior military editor. In Colorado Springs since 2003, Tom covers seven military installations in Colorado, including five in the Pikes Peak region. His main job, though, is being dad to two great kids.

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Tougher basic training trims Air Force Academy's freshman class


The Air Force Academy's class of 2019 will finish basic training about 6 percent smaller than it was when the basics arrived at the school in June.

The class, which began with 1,248 would-be cadets on June...

Colorado Springs police: Man shoots self in leg while cleaning gun

By: Tom Roeder

A man shot himself in the leg while trying to clean his weapon Saturday night, Colorado Springs police said.

Police say the shooting happened before 7 p.m. at the Peak Apartments in the 4400 block of East...

Flag-guarding friendships could spur exercise effort


Travis Weston guarded a barbecue in Memorial Park Saturday night, flipping burgers and hot dogs for the companions he met during a weeklong armed vigil outside Colorado Springs City Hall.

Weston, a Denver...

Deputies: Security burglary spree ended in rollover wreck

By: tom roeder

An early morning burglary spree in Security on Saturday ended in a car chase and rollover wreck, El Paso County deputies said.

The Sheriff's office said that before 4 a.m. a diminutive burglar wiggled...

3 new laws will benefit Colorado veterans


A measure that will allow military honors to be displayed on handicap license plates is one of three veteran-friendly Colorado General Assembly measures becoming law Wednesday.

Colorado Springs Republican...

Colorado Springs group ends guard over recruiting office; Pentagon issues order to protect such sites


Armed civilians have stopped guarding recruiting depot in Colorado Springs, but the Pentagon on Thursday pledged its own steps to heighten security in the wake of the Tennessee shootings - including more armed...

Pikes Pub: Blue moon the perfect occasion to celebrate with a beer


If you only drink once in a blue moon, Friday is your day.

July 31 brings the second full moon of the month, a phenomenon called a blue moon. That happens about once every three years.

The timing is...

Air Force Academy program provides therapy to wounded warriors


Wounded, injured and ill airmen sat tall in the saddle last week as they rode through an Air Force Academy program designed to give them a key healing ingredient.

"Confidence," said retired Tech. Sgt. Larry...