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  • Colorado Springs culinary expert is honored with a scholarship in her name

    Updated: Thu, Apr 9, 2015

    Maylen Gasper and Lisa Mazza are happy culinary students. They each were awarded $2,600 Fran Folsom Culinary Arts Scholarships to further their studies at Pikes Peak Community College. Gasper also was awarded the Blue Star Scholarship of $2,600, given to a student whose vision is to...

  • Colorado Springs gardening expert teaches how to make most of growing own vegetables

    Published: Tue, Apr 7, 2015

    A sure sign that summer can't be far off is the sight of the first bulbs cracking through the barren soil. Another is the announcement that Larry Stebbins, founder of Pikes Peak Urban Gardens, is holding his last class for the spring. "Growing Great Tomatoes, Peppers, Cucumbers,...

  • Food truck serving Mexican, Italian fare on the move in Colorado Springs; grocer co-op closes

    Updated: Fri, Apr 3, 2015

    Ramon Q's Cantina Foodstruck has hit the streets, serving a combination of Mexican and Italian foods from the flashy orange mobile food truck. Check Facebook for hours of operation and exact location. It is generally parked at Mill Hill Saloon and at Motor City for breakfast. Check...

  • Table Talk: Pork takes center stage at Chefs' Gala

    Updated: Fri, Apr 3, 2015

    Miss Piggy had her 15 minutes at the Colorado Springs Chorale Chefs' Gala at the Antlers Hilton on Sunday. Of the 24 dishes sampled and judged for awards, a whopping eight featured pork in some way, including bacon cream puffs in the dessert category. If I were asked to give awards for...

  • Hello, Sriracha bacon; now where's that Sriracha ice cream?

    Updated: Wed, Apr 1, 2015

    At the end of a recent column on Sriracha - the increasingly popular go-to sauce for spicing up foods - I posed two questions: "Can Sriracha ice cream be far behind?" and "Sriracha bacon anyone?" I was only half-kidding, but it turns out that readers who are fans of this "rooster...

  • Vegetable and fruit purees stand in for fat to make healthier desserts

    Updated: Wed, Apr 1, 2015

    It's April Fool's Day. Looking for a fun, harmless prank? We've got one that involves turning desserts into healthy alternatives using some tricks of the trade. Our go-to expert on transforming sugar- and fat-laden treats into something akin to eating a bowl of vegetables is...

  • Ringin

    Published: Wed, Apr 1, 2015

  • VIDEO: Table Talk, at Acme Grill & Bar

    Updated: Mon, Mar 30, 2015

    ACME Bar & Grill has been open for over a month at the site of the former Estela's Mexican Restaurant, 925 S. Eighth St. The interior of ACME is rustic, warm and welcoming, and the menu is focused on comfort food like biscuits and gravy, sloppy joes, bacon-wrapped hot dogs topped...

  • Winery in Monument serves dinners in a private wine cellar

    Published: Thu, Mar 26, 2015

    If you haven't visited Catriona Cellars, 243 Washington St. in Monument, you might want to make plans to treat yourself to lunch or dinner there one day soon. Or better yet, reserve the private cellar dining room to dine with a few other couples. That's because the place has a new...

  • Braided Easter egg bread is a showstopper on holiday tables

    Updated: Wed, Mar 25, 2015

    This year, why not make a special bread to celebrate Easter? In Christian nations around the world, you'll find sweet breads specially made for the holiday, laden with their own unique symbolism. Some equate the rising of bread to Jesus rising from the grave. Kathy Anderson, who...

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