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  • Money Museum in Colorado Springs celebrates World's Fairs for National Coin Week

    Updated: Mon, Apr 20, 2015

    Before technology could bring the planet to the people, if you wanted to know - and see and experience - what was happening in the world, you went to the fair. The World's Fair, that is. Since the first "World Expo" in London in 1851, the often months-long expositions have served...

  • Colorado Springs woman who inspired 'Peanuts' character has died

    Updated: Mon, Apr 20, 2015

    Louanne (Clark) Van Pelt was a new bride when she moved to the Springs with her husband, Philip, after World War II. Philip hadn't known Charles Schulz when they served together in the U.S. Army's 20th Armored Division, but they recognized one another when they crossed paths in the...

  • 'Clear voice' of emerging church, Nadia Bolz-Weber to speak in Colorado Springs

    Updated: Sun, Apr 19, 2015

    The rough-edged, outspoken founding pastor of Denver's House for All Sinners and Saints, Nadia Bolz-Weber, can challenge preconceived notions on both sides of the aisle - mainstream America and its body-modified progeny. "She's covered with tattoos, so she has a very intriguing image...

  • Find advice on remodeling, landscaping and more at Colorado Springs home show

    Updated: Fri, Apr 17, 2015

    Know how you look (and feel) when you first wake up in the morning? That's your yard right now. When properties emerge from a long winter's nap, it's rarely a pretty sight. "It's the time of year when people are getting outside and looking at their yards and saying, 'I need help,'"...

  • Colorado Springs artists: Craft beer needs your help!

    Updated: Fri, Apr 17, 2015

    Calling all craft beer fans-slash-artists...and artists who don’t drink beer and beer drinkers who want to give art a try. Roaring Fork Beer Company invites you to create a design celebrating the 44th Carbondale Mountain Fair. The winning entry will be featured on a poster as well as...

  • Recycled Percussion performs at Air Force Academy

    Updated: Thu, Apr 9, 2015

    7:30 p.m. Friday, Arnold Hall Theater, U.S. Air Force Academy; $25-38; 333-4497, Inspired by the performances of street musicians, Justin Spencer started his musical career with high school talent shows and barter gigs, playing drums at cafeterias around his New...

  • Thank you for the excuse, National Beer Day!

    Updated: Tue, Apr 7, 2015

    As four-word phrases go, “happy National Beer Day!” is up there with “It’s still happy hour!" in our book. Only problem with the former is its limited application — a single day out of the year. Today. So without further ado, happy National Beer Day! The unofficial celebration...

  • Trying to shed some extra pounds? Sleep on it

    Updated: Tue, Apr 7, 2015

    You've struggled to improve your eating and exercise habits - heck, you even bought a self-help book to tackle your mindset - but health and weight-loss goals remain elusive. The problem might not lie in your workout, diet or attitude, but rather with the quality of your sleep,...

  • Discover the past, for future's sake, at Colorado Springs Family Discovery Day

    Updated: Mon, Apr 6, 2015

    The most precious family heirlooms often are not the ones filed away in an album or sitting on a mantle gathering dust. For Paul Beagley, a father of five in Colorado Springs, that special treasure is a memoir from World War I written by his grandfather. "My sons have been...

  • Colorado Springs surgeon's book recounts escape from South Vietnam

    Updated: Sun, Apr 5, 2015

    Vinh Chung lifts his hands and considers them in silence for a moment as he sits on the deck of his in-laws' Black Forest home on a sunny, late-March afternoon. Inside the house, on private acreage with panoramic views, his wife, Leisle, cheerfully wrangles their four young children....

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