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  • Colorado Springs man part of project aiding Haitian children

    Updated: Sun, Aug 24, 2014

    The Spirit Airlines red-eye from Denver to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, connects through Miami, one of the richest cities in the world, and two hours later touches down in one of its poorest. "If you want to help people, there's an opportunity and you don't have to go to Africa or New...

  • Pro Challenge cycling race turns downtown Colorado Springs into one big party

    Updated: Fri, Aug 22, 2014

    ueen said it best: "I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle." Colorado Springs said it big, with a grand downtown celebration, vendor tent city and - by the time Italian road racer Elia Viviani charged over the finish line about 3:30 p.m. - a crowd of thousands. Unlike most...

  • 'Soiled Dove' an entrepreneur

    Updated: Thu, Aug 21, 2014

    What: Summer Speaker Series, "Think You Know History," with Pearl de Vere (portrayed by actor Colette Labate) Connection to Colorado Springs: Pearl de Vere was born of a comfortably-appointed Chicago family, but, by her mid-teens, she was working as a prostitute in Denver and then...

  • MLB rankings, in beer-speak

    Updated: Thu, Aug 21, 2014

    Washington Post survey ranks teams based on ballpark beer offerings

  • Bike movies and movies with bikes inspire, amuse

    Updated: Mon, Aug 18, 2014

    Imagine a scene, one in which we first meet our dashing hero face-to-face as he emerges - unscathed, despite all odds - from dispatching a band of would-be marauders lurking over yonder rise. Our hero sweeps in, oozing tasteful chest hair and testosterone . on his Schwinn. Yeah....

  • Love of bikes bonds father, son despite distance

    Updated: Mon, Aug 18, 2014

    If you were a kid in a certain neighborhood in Minneapolis about 15 years ago, and you had an old, ratty, snaggle-spoke bike so broke no repair guy wanted to touch it, Dean Carr was the bike man for you. Carr loved bikes, especially the ones that needed it the most. "Dean loved...

  • The wrong tool for the job

    Updated: Mon, Aug 18, 2014

    When the right-now tool is wrong wrong wrong

  • New book designed to nurture Colorado's beginning gardeners

    Updated: Sat, Aug 16, 2014

    Diana Maranhao grew up the daughter of gardeners in the Pacific Northwest, eating fruits and vegetables fresh from the picking. As for the picking itself, she was never a fan - not until she was grown and raising two young children in rural Southern California. Lucky for her, her...

  • Hops, elevated: Monument farmer grows local hops for local brews

    Updated: Wed, Aug 13, 2014

    Last year, Rick Squires was in the Pacific Northwest buying supplies for his Monument hop yard, a decent-sized operation by Colorado standards with seven rows of bines growing on about a half acre of Squires' property. When he told a Willamette Valley farmer that his crops had yielded...

  • Pets, kids hardwired to take shelter when thunder signals that storms are coming

    Updated: Mon, Aug 4, 2014

    In an early scene in the 1982 movie "Poltergeist," the father character (played by Craig T. Nelson) comforts his son, Robbie, during a storm by having the boy count aloud the seconds between lightning and thunder. If the interval between each flash-and-boom set gets longer, dad...