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'Lunch Beat' lures Colorado Springs office workers to wholesome, mid-day raves


If it's your first Lunch Beat Manifesto - as per the roving event's "Fight Club"-esque rules - you have to dance.

Given the lack of apparent wallflowers, enforcement isn't going to be an issue today at this...

Wet, cool spring tough on Colorado gardeners


Gardeners who were on top of seasonal planting schedules - aka "traditionally successful gardeners" - might be paying a price for their diligence this year.

Uncharacteristic weather along the Front Range...

Pikes Pub: Happy 21st birthday, Bristol Brewing!

By: Stephanie Earls

In 1994:

- In Detroit, figure skater Nancy Kerrigan is clubbed in the knee by a thug hired by the ex-husband of her rival, Tonya Harding

- In Los Angeles, O.J. Simpson embarks on the world’s slowest...

Pikes Pub: Steel City honors best in homebrewing

By: Stephanie Earls

Recreational beer makers from the Front Range region, and as far away as Ohio, brewed up more than 200 entries for the second annual homebrew competition at the Steel City Brew Fest, a highlight of Saturday’s...

Youth choir at Colorado Springs church celebrates 40 years spreading the word, in song


Allison Singmaster certainly has witnessed the transcendent power of song.

"You can tell when you've found someone in the congregation who's struggling - their face will turn red and their eyes will get...

Homeowners feel the pressure of the perfect shower (quest)

By: Stephanie Earls

In their hit duet "Under Pressure," Queen and David Bowie pretty much summed up how we all feel about that particular force:

"Pressure, pushing down on me, pressing down on you, no man ask for...

Manitou Springs festival celebrates Colorado wines


11 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, Memorial Park, 502 Manitou Ave., Manitou Springs; $30, or 685-5089

Explaining the taste of a wine - "like buttered moss in June" or "peppery saddle leather" - can...

Pikes Pub: 2015 IPA Fest canceled

By: Stephanie Earls

The inaugural 2015 IPA Fest, all set for Saturday at Gold Hill Mesa Community Center, has been cancelled due to permitting issues, according to emails from festival organizers and updates on the event’s...