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Paul covers the Broncos and Rockies, with an eye on the Nuggets, Avalanche and other Denver-area topics.
  • Klee: The Tim Tebow-to-Thomas Touchdown, in the words of Demaryius Thomas

    Updated: Fri, Sep 26, 2014

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the fifth in a weeklong series covering six of the most memorable moments in Denver Broncos history. DENVER - Demaryius Thomas takes the Samsung smartphone into his left hand. He taps the YouTube video with his right. The familiar radio voice of Dave Logan...

  • KLEE: Broncos first Super Bowl champions as underdogs? In hindsight, it's true

    Updated: Wed, Sep 24, 2014

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the fourth in a weeklong series covering six of the most memorable moments in Denver Broncos history. DENVER - There are times when hindsight lies. It tells grand ol' tales of dominance and dynasties in the favorable, flattering light of revisionist history....

  • Klee: Despite loss to Seahawks, Broncos answer the burning question

    Updated: Mon, Sep 22, 2014

    SEATTLE — Wearing a business suit that costs more than a teenager's first car, John Elway found Demaryius Thomas leaning against a wall. The Broncos' boss dealt DT a fist bump. Over on the defensive side of the too-small locker room at CenturyLink Field, John Fox first stopped at...

  • Klee: In Super Bowl rematch, odds favor Seahawks, not Broncos

    Updated: Sun, Sep 21, 2014

    SEATTLE - The Broncos were favored in the Super Bowl. Well, not initially. But eventually. Soon after songstress Renee Fleming graced the national anthem with a voice that would put angels to sleep, the Seahawks kicked off as three-point underdogs. They left MetLife Stadium as...

  • Klee with three for the Broncos-Seahawks matchup

    Updated: Sun, Sep 21, 2014

    Bring the noise Here's the lowdown on Seattle's CenturyLink Field. It seats 67,000. A gorgeous facility, CenturyLink also features the best playlist in the NFL, ranging from favorite sons Mudhoney to Alice in Chains to Chris Cornell, and the best home advantage in the league. The...

  • Broncos: The Line of Scrimmage, Broncos at Seahawks

    Updated: Wed, Sep 17, 2014

    You might remember the Line of Scrimmage from last week. Here's the second edition. The Line: Seattle -4.5. Going back to their AFC West days, the Broncos have owned this series. Denver is 34-18 against Seattle. The Broncos' longest win streak — a six-gamer — occurred right around...

  • KLEE: Why I like Seahawks star Richard Sherman - when he wins

    Updated: Tue, Sep 16, 2014

    DENVER — It's easy to talk after a win. The locker room's a little giddier, the next game a little easier, the media a little nicer. That's when Richard Sherman is at his best. After a win, in a Seahawks locker room with more personalities than a sitcom, Sherman is a walking, talking...

  • Klee: Despite 2-0 start, Broncos must walk the talk in Seattle

    Updated: Mon, Sep 15, 2014

    DENVER — With a wallet thicker than a layer of sod, the Broncos built a defense that claimed it could be the second coming of the Orange Crush. For large portions of two games, though, it has been orange mush. Do you know what the Seahawks will do to the Broncos if they allow Seattle...

  • Klee: Broncos Country should crack a cold one for Chiefs fans

    Updated: Sun, Sep 14, 2014

    DENVER — There was a time, not that long ago, when Chiefs Kingdom had this argument over the quarterback situation in Kansas City: Damon Huard or Tyler Thigpen? There was a time, too, when blowing a 28-point lead in a playoff game was something the Raiders would do, or missing three...

  • KLEE: Broncos or Chiefs? Emmanuel Sanders this close to playing in KC

    Updated: Thu, Sep 11, 2014

    DENVER — So far he fits like a cold hand in a warm glove. In five months and one NFL game, Emmanuel Sanders has brought a blur of speed and a splash of personality. He fast gained a following among fans, both with his impromptu Twitter chats and deep touchdown catches in the...