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3 with Klee - Colts should sit Andrew Luck

By: Paul Klee, The Gazette

Colts should sit Luck

If Andrew Luck is healthy, proceed as planned. Let loose the quarterback and see if he can replicate his magic from a playoff win in Denver last January. If he’s not — and there’s ample...

Klee: Vernon Davis trade shows there's still no Plan B for John Elway

By: PAUL KLEE The Gazette

DENVER - The Vernon Davis trade could mean nothing for the 7-0 Broncos, or it could be the swing that knocks down the Super Bowl piñata, sweetness spilling everywhere.

Who knows for certain how much Davis, a...

Klee: On special night, Denver Broncos show special potential

By: PAUL KLEE The Gazette

DENVER — This was a rout, never a contest. This was a sandlot game when First Captain gets to make the first seven picks. This was a collection of NFL All-Stars noticing they were an underdog, playing at home, and...

Broncos-Packers quarter by quarter

By: PAUL KLEE The Gazette


Fourth quarter: Broncos 29, Packers 10

Denver did what it had to do to maintain control. It held the Packers and Aaron Rodgers scoreless in the quarter.


Klee: Broncos still can cry tears of Super Bowl joy - if they stop ...

By: PAUL KLEE The Gazette

DENVER - What the experts, former coaches and savviest football minds see is the same as what you and I see. They're not peering through a unique lens.

They see time winning again. They see an older...

Broncos-Packers Report Card (Super Bowl XXXII edition) and Klee prediction


Will we see another Broncos-Packers classic when the two unbeaten teams (6-0) meet at Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver on Sunday night (6:30 p.m., NBC): Here's a breakdown, and perhaps a surprising...

Klee: Denver Nuggets must stick to plan to realize potential


DENVER - Deep in the fourth quarter Friday night, Nuggets rookie Nikola Jokic lofted a lefty hook shot against Kevin Garnett. It was a good idea, in theory, since Jokic spent a solid 20 minutes refining the move a...

Friday Faceoff: Who will win more games this season - the Nuggets or the Lakers?

By: Matt Wiley and Paul Klee, The Gazette

The Gazette's Matt Wiley and Paul Klee debate the question.