Paul Klee

Denver Sports Columnist

Paul covers the Broncos and Rockies, with an eye on the Nuggets, Avalanche and other Denver-area topics.
  • Klee: Air Force, CU, CSU football catch fire with wide receivers

    Updated: Tue, Jun 9, 2015

    DENVER - Does the best wide receiver in college football play for Colorado State? "Ohhh, you're going there!" CSU assistant Alvis Whitted says with a booming laugh. Go big or go home, coach. I'm going there. "The best wide receiver in the country? I can't say that." But then he...

  • Klee: Denver Nuggets can't afford to miss in June

    Updated: Sun, Jun 7, 2015

    DENVER - Friday evening under another soggy sky, the roadies behind the "U2" tour set up a barbecue grill outside Pepsi Center. With speakers and stage equipment still shuffling up the loading dock, the crew wrapped the end of an exhaustive workday with a cheeseburger, maybe three....

  • Klee: Colorado Springs skateboarder Jono Schwan soars into X Games

    Updated: Fri, Jun 5, 2015

    DENVER — One time he smashed his face during a skateboarding demo with Tony Hawk in Australia. That hurt, except that skateboarding with Tony Hawk in Australia has the remarkable medical ability to ease the pain for a 16-year-old. Another time he skateboarded for a crowd in South...

  • Klee: NBA Finals show why Denver Nuggets face steep climb

    Updated: Wed, Jun 3, 2015

    DENVER - Twelve players received MVP votes this season in the NBA. All but one, LeBron James, played in the Western Conference. The East had three teams with at least 50 wins. The West had seven - and another three teams that would have clinched playoff spots in the East, but...

  • Klee: Denver Broncos' role model is in their own locker room

    Updated: Wed, Jun 3, 2015

    ENGLEWOOD - It was a full 24 hours after the Colts had embarrassed the Broncos in a playoff game, and Chris Harris Jr. was still seething. Any other reaction from Harris would have been surprising; this steely glare coming from the cornerback was entirely predictable. "You ask me a...

  • Klee: Broncos suffer big blow; can they overcome it?

    Updated: Fri, May 29, 2015

    ENGLEWOOD - He's a football-slinging house painter. Got a crack in the wall? Here, slap a coat of No. 18 orange over it. By October no one will notice. This is Peyton Manning's other job, or his job within his job: The great fixer-upper. Then there's the Broncos' new/old...

  • Klee: New Broncos offense, Peyton Manning coming in baby steps

    Updated: Thu, May 28, 2015

    ENGLEWOOD - Peyton Manning took a direct snap from the center and tumbled to the grass turf. Emmanuel Sanders didn't see his quarterback's spill. "I was blocking," Sanders said afterward. One more time - and this will be on the test when the Broncos open against the Ravens - for...

  • Klee: Bolder Boulder honors our best on Memorial Day

    Updated: Mon, May 25, 2015

    BOULDER — He's 92 years young and flew gilders until he was 87. President George W. Bush awarded him a Congressional Medal of Honor, the medal was stolen, and it showed up in a motel's lost and found. As a kid in segregated Colorado Springs, he rode his bicycle across the tracks to the...

  • Klee: Rugby 7s aiming at 2016 Olympics for boost in popularity

    Updated: Sun, May 24, 2015

    DENVER - A chunk of her neck is missing. Not a small chunk, a big chunk, big enough that, when she lifts her blonde hair, the back of Lisa Rosen's neck looks like a divot. Peyton Manning probably could relate. But Peyton Manning plays his sport with a helmet and pads. These...

  • Klee: Nuggets must make their own luck after NBA draft lottery

    Updated: Wed, May 20, 2015

    DENVER — It made sense that Josh Kroenke called his own name to represent the Nuggets at the NBA draft lottery. Did you really think the young team president would miss an opportunity to smile for the cameras as a potential Nuggets hero during a happy time? (Ignore the disappearing...

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