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Klee blog: Are we really mad at ESPN's Cris Carter?

By: Paul Klee, The Gazette

This Cris Carter thing is silly. All of it: That saying the truth is controversial, that assuming millionaire 22-year-olds aren't going to get in trouble, the apology.

Especially the apology.


Klee: After win in Houston, Broncos still chasing Seahawks blueprint

By: PAUL KLEE The Gazette

HOUSTON - This will take some getting used to, so you might as well start early. Start now, in August, so the philosophical overhaul seems less sudden and jarring than a year ago, when the Broncos altered course...

Klee blog: Three things to watch during tonight's Broncos-Texans game

By: Paul Klee, The Gazette

Just arrived in Houston, where it's one bazillion degrees. There's a football game tonight, and that's excellent. Three things to watch (after you read our Saturday column on Wade Phillips, a true Texan,...

Klee: Trail of Denver Broncos' Wade Phillips leads back to Texas


The West Orange-Stark (Texas) Mustangs should be pretty good this year. They're ranked fourth in the AP preseason poll and earned a first-place vote. But they've got around 20 juniors, not as many seniors, so it's...

Klee blog: Gary Barnett would've been a Hall of Famer at CU, Buffs legend says

By: Paul Klee, The Gazette

How did Colorado football tumble into a dark sea of irrelevancy? Legendary quarterback Darian Hagan shared his thoughts here.

Something else stuck with me from that conversation with Hagan, who...

Klee blog: Who's on Colorado sports' presidential ticket?

By: Paul Klee, The Gazette

You know Peyton Manning someday is running for president. Again the quarterback's aw-shucks diplomacy was on display when he downplayed Tom Brady's email snafu.

Brady-Manning in 2028? If Mr. Nutz...

Klee blog: Denver Broncos defense making the offensive line better?

By: Paul Klee, The Gazette

J.J. Watt will be next. You've heard of him. Plays football, has a show on HBO, bleeds everywhere.

He's next. The Broncos offensive line must deal with Watt on Saturday in Houston, at least for a series or...

Klee's 3 things to take away from Broncos' preseason win in Seattle


Denver's strength: Defense

I've been saying it until it sounds like a CD stuck on repeat: The storyline with these Broncos isn't with Peyton Manning and the adjustments he makes with new coach Gary Kubiak....