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Klingenschmitt interviews 'new friend' with molestation convictions

By: Megan Schrader,


A few weeks before Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt found himself in hot water for saying Jesus said child molesters should be drowned, he interviewed a man on his show who has been convicted twice of...

Rep. Kit Roupe will seek re-election in 2016

By: Megan Schrader

Rep. Kit Roupe, R-Colorado Springs, is running for a second term in 2016 she announced Tuesday.

Roupe won House District 17 in 2014 ousting the incumbent Tony Exum, a democrat who is running again in 2016...

Colorado legislators working to draft drugged driving bill


DENVER - Driving high and driving drunk carry the same charge in Colorado, and that's a problem for those who want to track the impact, if any, of legalized marijuana on the safety of the state's roads and...

Waller among three candidates for El Paso County commission seats


Mark Waller, the former Republican leader of the state House of Representatives, is officially running for County Commissioner.

Waller, 46, was preparing to file his paperwork on Friday to run for District 2...

Douglas Bruce loses appeal of 2012 conviction


DENVER - The Colorado Court of Appeals refused to overturn the 2012 conviction of Douglas Bruce for tax evasion, ruling against several claims that the case to be thrown out.

Bruce, the Colorado Springs...

Democrats select Guzman to lead caucus in Colorado Senate


DENVER - Lucia Guzman, the Democratic senator from northwest Denver, was elected Minority Leader by her caucus Wednesday to fill the position left empty by Sen. Morgan Carroll who stepped down from the leadership...

Douglas Bruce hearing on alleged probation violations continued to Aug. 31

By: Megan Schrader

Douglas Bruce defended himself in court Monday against charges he violated his probation, and the prosecution indicated additional complaints have been filed against Bruce since his last hearing in April stemming...

Douglas Bruce in court Monday on possible probation violation

By: Megan Schrader

DENVER - Douglas Bruce, the Colorado Springs author of the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights (TABOR), is back in court Monday for a hearing to determine whether failing to disclose a real estate transaction with a city...