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Denver initiative to allow pot in public establishments dropped

By: Megan Schrader

Backers of a City of Denver ballot initiative to allow marijuana in public establishments like bars and restaurants have dropped the effort in favor of working with city councilmembers on an ordinance.


Balancing Colorado's marijuana production with demand a tricky equation


DENVER - Colorado is on track this year to produce about 100 metric tons of marijuana - the weight of about 15 average-sized African elephants - in licensed pot grows for both medical and recreational...

Colorado group aims to mandate THC symbol on marijuana edibles


All marijuana edibles in Colorado - whether it's hard candy, brownies or granola bars - would be marked with a diamond shape that encloses the letters THC under rules that were debated before members of the...

Hundreds turn out for Ben Carson event in Colorado Springs


In high school Lauren Kunkle dressed up as Ben Carson - in surgical scrubs - for a book report about the renowned pediatric neurosurgeon, but she's been a fan ever since she read one of his books in elementary...

Ben Carson speaks in Colorado Springs

By: Megan Schrader

NOTE: The Gazette will have live video of Ben Carson's speech at 6 p.m. Thursday.


Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon who is running for president, will rally with supporters in America the...

Colorado treasurer brings feistiness in opposition to PERA head's $1.8M compensation package


DENVER - State Treasurer Walker Stapleton brought some feistiness to via conference call what would otherwise have been a quick approval to award a contract extension worth up to $1.8 million to the head of...

New poll shows more Coloradans opposed to legal marijuana


A poll sponsored by the Community Alliances for Drug Free Youth shows that slightly more than half of Coloradans are now opposed to marijuana legalization.

According to a release from SmithJohnson Research,...

GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson returning to Colorado Springs


DENVER - Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon who is running for president, will rally with supporters in America the Beautiful Park Thursday at 6 p.m. according to the El Paso County GOP.

Carson came to...