Jen Mulson

Entertainment Reporter

Jennifer Mulson has worked in the entertainment department of The Gazette for 12 years, first doing the calendar listings for all those fine events, and is now the arts and entertainment reporter. She particularly loves a Broadway musical, an indie, folky singer/songwriter and a passionate spoken word poem.

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Live Well: 5 yoga moves for climbers

By: Jennifer Mulson

People really like to climb stuff - walls, boulders, rock faces.

I did it once myself, many moons ago, at an indoor climbing wall. It was fun and I managed to Spider-Woman my way to the top, but when it was...

8 things to do at this year's Colorado State Fair

By: Jennifer Mulson

The Colorado State Fair is a no-brainer come August.

Where else can you buy a bunch of greasy fair food and then ride death-defying carnival rides into the wee hours of the night? There's rodeo for those so...

Blog: Flotation tanks, free yoga downtown Colorado Springs

By: Jennifer Mulson

There's a second spot in town to take a dip in a flotation tank -- R.E.S.T. Float Solutions.

The new space recently opened at 522 S. Tejon St., near McCabe's Tavern, and the brand new yoga studio, Hot Asana....

Subarus, beer, adoptable dogs at Colorado Springs festival

By: Jennifer Mulson

Anybody who's driven around our fair state has surely noticed a glut of Subarus.

Heuberger Motors, a local Subaru dealership, is the largest Subaru dealer in the country. Last year they sold more than 5,000...

Local A&E news

By: Jennifer Mulson


Arts Schools Network recently named the Colorado Springs Conservatory a 2015-2017 Exemplary School. The network is the largest professional membership...

Blog: My beef with the USA Pro Challenge

By: Jennifer Mulson

Dear USA Pro Challenge, 

Blog: Stylish traffic signal cabinets

By: Jennifer Mulson

Walking home for lunch this week, I happened to notice the most beautiful traffic signal cabinet I've ever seen.

Check it out for yourself -- it's on the northwest corner of Tejon and Kiowa streets. Keep...

Million dollar caravan: Weekend electric vehicle rally starts in Colorado Springs

By: Jennifer Mulson

Want to see what a million dollars worth of electric vehicles looks like?

Take a spot by the side of the road on Saturday and watch 10 Tesla Model S EVs, each worth about $100,000, caravan from Colorado...