Jakob Rodgers

Nonprofit and health reporter

Jakob Rodgers joined The Gazette in April 2010, affording him the chance to work for his hometown newspaper. He spent time on the crime and military beats before reporting on the public safety net -- a wide-ranging beat encompassing social services, public health and nonprofit organizations.

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Cat euthanized after finding rabid bat in northeast Colorado Springs

By: jakob rodgers

A cat that was not vaccinated against rabies was euthanized after it found a rabid bat in northeast Colorado Springs.

El Paso County Public Health officials urged people to avoid feeding or touching wild...

Fireworks may have sparked increase in stray dogs at Humane society

By: jakob rodgers

Time is ticking to find Spot.

The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region ended up with 108 stray dogs from July 1 through midday Monday - most of them likely runaways scared by fireworks before and during...

Why is Pikes Peak a giant lightning rod? Blame Denver


America's mountain appears to be one of Colorado's biggest lightning rods.

A 20-year composite map of cloud-to-ground lightning strikes across the state shows some of the highest concentrations across the...

Dog, rabbit infected with tularemia in El Paso County


A dog was infected and at least one rabbit died recently in Yoder of tularemia - a bacterial infection known as "rabbit fever" that has spiked in recent years across Colorado.

The dog is being treated with...

Contract details Senior Center agreement between Colorado Springs, YMCA


Colorado Springs will bear the financial risk of any budget shortfalls at the Colorado Springs Senior Center when a new operator takes over this summer, documents show.

The YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region's...

Colorado Springs man: Experimental stem-cell procedure worth the cost


Burdened with a severely bum knee, Sandy Francis needed help - preferably without surgeons cutting through his knee bones, grinding them down and gluing on a new joint.

He opted for liposuction and a...

New Colorado Springs center to help homeless veterans opens its doors

By: jakob rodgers

A new resource center is available for veterans trying to work their way out of homelessness.

Rocky Mountain Human Services has opened its Veteran Housing Resource Center, 320 E. Fontanero St., to offer...

YMCA to manage Colorado Springs Senior Center beginning in September

By: jakob rodgers

All leadership staff of the Colorado Springs Senior Center will remain there when the YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region begins running the facility.

The agreement between the YMCA and Colorado Springs was...