Jakob Rodgers

Nonprofit and health reporter

Jakob Rodgers joined The Gazette in April 2010, affording him the chance to work for his hometown newspaper. He spent time on the crime and military beats before reporting on the public safety net -- a wide-ranging beat encompassing social services, public health and nonprofit organizations.

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Questions remain in aftermath of Colorado Springs shootout with gunman


As investigators tallied bullet casings, sought surveillance tapes and talked to witnesses, one thing remained unclear to a community left reeling from a Saturday's deadly shooting spree: Why?

The gunman's...

Two victims in Colorado Springs shooting spree had turned lives around


Two of the three victims of a gunman who went on a shooting spree Saturday in Colorado Springs were women who overcame struggles in recent months to turn their lives around, family members said.

The two,...

Community grieves together a day after 4 die in Colorado Springs rampage

By: jakob rodgers

Scores of people huddled together Sunday evening near downtown Colorado Springs, clutching candles and standing silent in vigil.

For some, the next steps were unclear.

"None of us know what to do with...

Witness: Bicyclist begged for his life before Colorado Springs shooter gunned him down

By: Jakob Rodgers, The Gazette

Neighbors were in shock Sunday from what they described as a horror movie come to life on Halloween morning on the streets east of downtown Colorado Springs.

Candlelight vigil for victims of Colorado Springs shooting spree


A candlelight vigil is planned for Sunday evening to reflect on the shooting spree near downtown Colorado Springs that left three people dead at the hands of a gunman who was later killed in a shootout with...

Health insurance tips as open enrollment is set to begin


Get ready to shop.

Sunday marks the start of open enrollment - a three-month period when most people without health insurance can purchase new plans (or stay on their old ones) for 2016.

This year's...

One more hurdle cleared for Christo's Arkansas River art project

By: jakob rodgers

The Colorado Supreme Court cleared another hurdle for the artist Christo and his plans to drape nearly six miles of translucent fabric across the Arkansas River.

The court decided Monday not to hear a...

Software bug blamed for shut-down of Colorado Springs dispatch computers

By: jakob rodgers

An unexpected software "bug" was blamed for largely shutting down the Colorado Springs police and fire department's dispatch center Wednesday afternoon, while also halting city employees' email accounts.