Jakob Rodgers

Nonprofit and health reporter

  • Several in El Paso County quarantined due to measles exposure

    Updated: Wed, Jan 14, 2015

    Several people across El Paso County have agreed to be quarantined in light of a multistate measles outbreak that began at two California theme parks. In all, more than 300 people may have been exposed to a patient treated for measles at a Colorado Springs hospital, some of whom may...

  • Teller County gets $2.7 million for water projects

    Updated: Wed, Jan 14, 2015

    Four projects in Teller County intended to improve water quality and wastewater treatment have received a hefty financial boost from oil and gas tax revenues. Colorado water officials recently awarded $9.5 million for 15 grants to small communities across the state - nearly $2.7...

  • Colorado Springs LGBT center closes after nearly 40 years

    Updated: Tue, Jan 13, 2015

    The Colorado Springs Pride Center, a go-to resource for the region's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, announced its closure Monday after years of overwhelming debt and management issues. In bowing to years of financial discord, the center ended a 37-year run of...

  • Test for deadly gas common to Colorado Springs area

    Updated: Mon, Jan 12, 2015

    Radon - a gas second only to cigarette smoke in its ability to cause lung cancer - can't be seen, smelled or tasted. But now might be the perfect time to detect it. Colorado public health officials are urging residents this month to test for the noxious gas, which exists at high...

  • Colorado Springs hospital says patient may have exposed others to measles

    Updated: Thu, Jan 8, 2015

    A woman recently treated at Penrose Hospital has tested positive for measles, marking El Paso County's first case since 1992 and the latest in a multi-state outbreak. The patient could have exposed other people on Saturday at the hospital, leading public health officials to ask...

  • Southwest Colorado Springs floodplain changes could benefit planned homeless hub, development

    Updated: Wed, Jan 7, 2015

    Fast-tracked floodplain revisions could hasten the construction of a homeless daycenter and shelter south of downtown Colorado Springs and ease development requirements across the city's west side. More than 1,000 properties along Fountain and Cheyenne creeks - including a massive...

  • El Paso County flu hospitalizations on pace to exceed last season

    Updated: Tue, Jan 6, 2015

    Cases of the flu continued to rise last week across El Paso County in a sign that the current flu vaccine might be mismatched for this season's most prevalent strain. Doctors across El Paso County tallied 182 hospitalizations for the flu from late September through Saturday, due...

  • Hodges leaving CASA to lead massive Colorado Springs foundation

    Updated: Tue, Jan 6, 2015

    The longtime leader of a nonprofit dedicated to helping abused children will leave her post to become head of a massive foundation assisting organizations across the region. Trudy Strewler Hodges, who for about 25 years led CASA of the Pikes Peak Region, will take over as chief...

  • Colorado hemp industry poised to take off in 2015, growers say

    Updated: Sun, Jan 4, 2015

    Colorado's newest cash crop is bright green, sports long leaves and remains largely illegal across the United States. It's also better worn as clothing than smoked in a bong. While the rollout of recreational marijuana took center stage in Colorado last year, a separate industry...

  • Healthy kettle donations may spare cuts to Colorado Springs-area Salvation Army programs

    Updated: Sat, Jan 3, 2015

    Better-than-expected donations to the Salvation Army's recent Red Kettle Campaign could help stave off threatened cuts to programs that serve the Pikes Peak region's neediest residents. The organization's signature bell-ringing campaign brought in roughly $426,700 from Nov. 22 through...