David Ramsey

Local Sports Columnist

  • Ramsey blog: Broncos center reveals secret to surviving long NFL season

    Updated: Mon, Nov 24, 2014

    Broncos center Will Montgomery and the rest of his brethren on the offensive line emerged from the shadows last week, and it was not not a happy emerging. Fans were upset by the line's performance in a bumbling 22-7 loss to the Rams. After the Broncos offense scored 39 points, and...

  • Ramsey: Broncos' C.J. Anderson, recently Mr. Anonymous, bulldozes Dolphins

    Updated: Mon, Nov 24, 2014

    DENVER - The end zone beckoned, and C.J. Anderson wanted to answer the call. After dancing into the open field, he could see the destination where every running back yearns to roam. "Oh, it was very tempting," Anderson said. "In my head I was saying, 'Go, go, go.'" But in the back...

  • Ramsey: It appears the Falcons have finally caught Tigers

    Updated: Sat, Nov 22, 2014

    The horn sounded, and Air Force fans rose in unison at Cadet Ice Arena for a brief, loud moment of celebration. The Falcons had accomplished what once would have been unthinkable. They had thumped Colorado College, 3-1. Air Force athletic director Hans Mueh stood on the edge of the...

  • Ramsey: Brothers, now opponents, brace for Pine Creek-Falcon playoff game

    Updated: Fri, Nov 21, 2014

    Talk about complicated. On Saturday, Tim and Chaundra Toussaint will lead a group of 15 to 20 family and friends into Falcon High School's stadium, where this group will face a convoluted afternoon of high school football. Tanner, the Toussaint's 15-year-old son, starts at center...

  • Ramsey blog: Air Force's Calhoun says Pumphrey resembles Barry Sanders? Here we go again

    Updated: Thu, Nov 20, 2014

    Barry Sanders is one of the top half-dozen running backs in football history. Donnel Pumphrey of San Diego State is one of the top half-dozen running backs currently laboring in college football. Is there a comparison between the two? Well, sure. You can compare Sanders to Pumphrey...

  • Air Force's Calhoun a semi-finalist for major coaching award

    Updated: Wed, Nov 19, 2014

    Calhoun a semifinalist for Maxwell Football Club Collegiate Coach of the Year Award   Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun is a finalist for the 2014 Maxwell Football Club Collegiate Coach of the Year Award, according to an announcement today. The list includes a field of 20...

  • Ramsey blog: Air Force football support weak? Fans respond to column

    Updated: Wed, Nov 19, 2014

    Wrote a column that ran in Sunday's Gazette about the small crowd at Falcon Stadium for Air Force's frigid game against Nevada. The prime point of the column is that players compete with intensity no matter how many fans are in the stands. (In this case, there weren't many fans. Maybe...

  • Ramsey blog: Bzdelik, failed college coach, reveals his preference for NBA

    Updated: Wed, Nov 19, 2014

    Jeff Bzdelik recently completed an utterly disastous coaching tour at Wake Forest, which hired him - for reasons that will remain forever mysterious - after his utterly disastrous coaching tour at the University of Colorado. Bzdelik, or Buzzy, now labors as assistant coach for the...

  • Ramsey: Air Force wins in a classic, but something big missing

    Updated: Sun, Nov 16, 2014

    During a recent visit to Seattle, I was engulfed by Seahawks fans wearing No. 12 jerseys. You know, the 12th man. An allegedly important piece of Seattle's march to NFL supremacy. These deluded fans overrate their importance. They never made a tackle, caught a pass or scored a...

  • Ramsey blog: Colorado College tumbles even deeper into college hockey abyss

    Updated: Sat, Nov 15, 2014

    You don't need a fireman to tell you your house in on fire. And you don't need to be a hockey expert to realize the current edition of the Colorado College Tigers is in serious trouble. In the past seven games, all losses, the Tigers have been outscored 38-9. In the Tigers last 12...