• Ramsey: Three things Broncos must do to return to Super Bowl

    Updated: Sun, Jan 11, 2015

    Want to learn? Try losing. Painful, yes, but also filled with lessons. As the Broncos seek their eighth trip to the Super Bowl, they should look to defeats from their recent and not-so-recent past. Anything less than a ride to Arizona for the Super Bowl represents a failed...

  • Ramsey: Skirmish with CSU Rams must awaken Air Force

    Updated: Sat, Jan 10, 2015

    A skirmish. A brief, frenzied skirmish. That's all it was. But this skirmish could rescue Air Force's sagging season. Air Force's loss to Colorado State will be remembered for a five-second scuffle pitting Rams star J.J. Avila against Air Force guards Zach Kocur and Matt Mooney....

  • Ramsey: Hayden Graham can help Air Force replace irreplaceable Kamryn Williams

    Updated: Wed, Jan 7, 2015

    Kamryn Williams can't be replaced. He served as the emotional center of Air Force's basketball team. He competed every minute of every game with a focused rage. He was remarkably versatile, playing every position. But the irreplaceable Williams must be replaced. His Air Force career...

  • Ramsey blog: President Obama offers solid analysis of strange Lions-Cowboys call

    Updated: Wed, Jan 7, 2015

    President Obama took a break from politics to talk about a raging controversy .... in the NFL. Our President told The Detroit News he struggled to remember when a referee's ''good call'' was ''reversed without explanation.'' He was talking about a much-criticized call in Sunday's...

  • Ramsey blog: Detroit Lions coach takes right approach to questionable call

    Updated: Mon, Jan 5, 2015

    The Detroit Lions kicked away a big lead Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys. Their offense fell asleep. Their defense failed to stop Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. And, yes, the officials failed to help the Lions cause. A fourth-quarter pass interference call on the Cowboys that was...

  • Ramsey: Andrew Luck threatens Colorado's state of happiness

    Updated: Mon, Jan 5, 2015

    A sense of dread hovers over Colorado each time the Broncos travel to the NFL playoffs. A victory launches approximately 98 percent of state residents into utter euphoria. A loss sends the same segment of our population crashing into a state of mass desolation. Colts quarterback...

  • Ramsey: Ravens smash Steelers, deliver big favors to Broncos

    Updated: Sun, Jan 4, 2015

    It was one of the strangest moments in Colorado sports history. On Jan. 22, 2006, the Broncos sprinted into Mile High and discovered thousands of yellow towels awaiting them. Yes, those pesky Steelers fans had invaded The Front Range with their Terrible Towels. The invaders didn't...

  • Ramsey: Randy Gradishar showed Hall of Fame-worthy wisdom

    Updated: Fri, Jan 2, 2015

    Randy Gradishar chose the terms of his departure from the NFL and the Denver Broncos. He did it his way. Unfortunately for Gradishar and a legion of Bronco fans, his stubborn wisdom has kept him out of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. At the end of the 1983 season, Gradishar took an...

  • Ramsey: Air Force's Troy Calhoun leads 2014 honor roll

    Updated: Tue, Dec 30, 2014

    The best of sports in and around Colorado Springs for 2014.

  • Ramsey: Broncos say No. 1 seed doesn’t matter, but it does

    Updated: Mon, Dec 29, 2014

    DENVER - Terrance Knighton wanted to sing the praises of his Broncos, but a distraction halted his speech. Fellow defender Derek Wolfe kept waving a peanut butter sandwich in Knighton's face. Be sure of this: It requires courage to wave a sandwich in the face of a 331-pound (at...

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