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David Ramsey has written sports columns for The Gazette for 10 years. He's visited all 50 states, and he's wise enough to realize Colorado is the best of those 50. He's a graduate of Denver South High School, Abilene Christian University and Syracuse University, where he earned a master's degree in American History in 2003. He's placed nine times in the national Asssociated Press Sports Editors (APSE) contest, including two first-place finishes. He's covered the Athens, Beijing and London Olympics for The Gazette. He's the father of Ruth, a Rampart High grad, and Luke and Caleb, both grads of Pikes Peak Christian. He's an avid cyclist. He hopes to climb Mount Massive this summer, but he says that every year. Gazette sports columnist David Ramsey brings you the personal side of sports along with his personal analysis.

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Ramsey: Mike Gould welcomes renewal of Air Force-CU football series

By: david ramsey

For those who believe time has somehow stood still, Air Force's football trip to Boulder in 2020 will deliver disappointment.

The Falcons will play the Buffs, and the game will other games. CU...

Ramsey: Clutch defense allows Switchbacks to salvage tie with Seattle Sounders 2

By: David Ramsey

A disappointing second half was about to become even more disappointing for the Colorado Springs Switchbacks.

Oalex Anderson, a forward for Seattle Sounders 2, had burst into the open. He had an open path to...

Ramsey blog: Stabler was the anti-Peyton Manning (He said so)

By: DAVID RAMSEY The Gazette

Kenny Stabler, who died earlier this month, was a superlative quarterback at the height of his career.  He completed 66.7 percent of his passes in 1976, which might not sound that dazzling until you consider...

Ramsey blog: Caitlyn Jenner speaks truth and this truth bothers some Americans

By: DAVID RAMSEY The Gazette

Caitlyn Jenner will spend the rest of her life dividing Americans.

Many will applaud her. Many will see her as a courageous symbol, a trailblazer.

Others will see her as a symbol of our nation's...

Ramsey: Yes! Air Force and CU finally renew football rivalry

By: DAVID RAMSEY The Gazette


A far-too-lengthy football Cold War ended Wednesday when Air Force Academy and Colorado agreed to renew their series.

Rank stupidity by Boulder spectators ended a promising rivalry in 1974....

Ramsey blog: Will Lawson's recklessness end his days with Denver Nuggets?

By: David Ramsey

How does Ty Lawson respond to the considerable challenge of Emmanuel Mudiay?

According to TMZ, Lawson gets himself arrested in Los Angeles for suspicion of drunk driving. This was early Tuesday morning. You...

Ramsey: Widefield's Paul Browning believes he's destined for NFL


Paul Browning believes. He knows the odds. He believes anyway.

He was not selected in the 2015 draft, but he's convinced he will play in the NFL.

"I can play in the NFL," said the former CSU-Pueblo...

Ramsey: Welcome to America, headquarters of women's soccer


We dwell in the Land of the Free, which doubles as world headquarters for women's soccer.

A generation ago, soccer was as welcome in America as the metric system. The rest of the world adored The Beautiful...