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David Ramsey has written sports columns for The Gazette for 10 years. He's visited all 50 states, and he's wise enough to realize Colorado is the best of those 50. He's a graduate of Denver South High School, Abilene Christian University and Syracuse University, where he earned a master's degree in American History in 2003. He's placed nine times in the national Asssociated Press Sports Editors (APSE) contest, including two first-place finishes. He's covered the Athens, Beijing and London Olympics for The Gazette. He's the father of Ruth, a Rampart High grad, and Luke and Caleb, both grads of Pikes Peak Christian. He's an avid cyclist. He hopes to climb Mount Massive this summer, but he says that every year. Gazette sports columnist David Ramsey brings you the personal side of sports along with his personal analysis.

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John Elway again rules the NFL, this time as executive


SANTA CLARA, Calif. - John Elway has always been ambitious. He's seldom satisfied. He the type who wants more.

A few minutes after his Broncos toppled the favored Panthers, Elway revealed his plan for the...

Ramsey Rapid Reaction: 3 reasons the Broncos rule the NFL

SANTA CLARA, Calif. It was the same old show. The show that carried the Broncos to playoff wins over the Steelers and Patriots.

The defense was magnificent. The offense was adequate. The Broncos were...

Ramsey: Peyton Manning, in twilight, will lead Broncos to Super Bowl victory

By: DAVID RAMSEY The Gazette

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Peyton Manning stood on the sideline at Mile High on Oct. 29, 2006. He was wearing a white Colts jersey. He was tugging at his socks and his cap. He could barely wait for his chance to shred...

Ramsey: Offense must awaken for Broncos to win Super Bowl


SANTA CLARA, Calif. - The Broncos won six games this season while scoring 20 or fewer points.

They won't win a seventh with this offensively-challenged approach. The offense must awaken Sunday for the...

Ramsey: Broncos' Von Miller, the natural, makes peace with his vast potential


SANTA CLARA, Calif. - He's the natural, astoundingly gifted. Fast, mighty, quick and courageous.

Von Miller once struggled to juggle all his football gifts. He recklessly danced on the edge, missing a court...

Ramsey: Broncos' Brock Osweiler ready to operate his own NFL offense

By: DAVID RAMSEY The Gazette

SAN JOSE, Calif. - The annual Super Bowl Media Opening Extravaganza features a long list of "what if?" questions. A horde of journalists probed the Broncos on Monday night with sometimes intriguing and more times...

Ramsey: The Broncos are underdogs. That's great news for the Broncos

By: DAVID RAMSEY The gazette

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Oddsmakers in Las Vegas fail to care about the fate of the Broncos. They're too busy enticing millions to engage in the pleasurable evil of betting.

But Vegas leads a crusade that...

Ramsey: Let's applaud Broncos' Peyton Manning as he limps toward his finale

By: DAVID RAMSEY The Gazette

As Peyton Manning drags his gimpy left foot and his surgically repaired neck on a gallant quest to rule football, only a person who lacks a beating heart would refuse to applaud as No. 18 approaches His Final...