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David Ramsey has written sports columns for The Gazette for 10 years. He's visited all 50 states, and he's wise enough to realize Colorado is the best of those 50. He's a graduate of Denver South High School, Abilene Christian University and Syracuse University, where he earned a master's degree in American History in 2003. He's placed nine times in the national Asssociated Press Sports Editors (APSE) contest, including two first-place finishes. He's covered the Athens, Beijing and London Olympics for The Gazette. He's the father of Ruth, a Rampart High grad, and Luke and Caleb, both grads of Pikes Peak Christian. He's an avid cyclist. He hopes to climb Mount Massive this summer, but he says that every year. Gazette sports columnist David Ramsey brings you the personal side of sports along with his personal analysis.

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The Gazette's greatest Broncos: No. 7 Rod Smith

By: David Ramsey, The Gazette

Rod Smith worked. That’s the best explanation for his journey from a free agent highly unlikely to earn a Broncos spot to the dominating receiver who collected 849 catches, 11,389 yards, 68 touchdowns and two Super...

Ramsey: Pine Creek's Todd Miller is obsessed with victory. Just ask his wife


Standing in the blazing Illinois sun the morning after her church wedding, Jill Miller started asking questions. She had married a redheaded high school football coach named Todd the night before and it was 8 a.m....

Pine Creek football coach Todd Miller answers critics on open enrollment and his team

By: David Ramsey, The Gazette

Pine Creek's football team has thrived partially because it attracts players from across District 20. Athletes who live closer to Rampart or Liberty or other high schools sometimes end up as students at Pine...

Ramsey: Karson Roberts carries Air Force football back to the heights


Karson Roberts has taken one of those inspiring journeys. You know the type. From soul-draining depths to ego-boosting heights. From a dank dungeon to the observation deck at the Empire State Building.


Ramsey blog: Broncos Peyton Manning flops same way Craig Morton flopped in Super Bowl

An aging, oft-injured quarterback throws four interceptions. A young, spirited backup provides a spark, leads a rally and forces millions to ask, "Why wasn't the young, spirited backup put in the game much (much)...

Ramsey: Staggering Broncos must run their way to revival

By: DAVID RAMSEY The Gazette

DENVER - The Broncos' best hope to rescue a suddenly faltering season was sitting in a silent locker room.

After many games, a crowd of reporters gather around C.J. Anderson's locker and TV lights shine on...

Ramsey: Troy Calhoun's next challenge at Air Force? Football salesman

By: DAVID RAMSEY The Gazette

Troy Calhoun is as close to invisible as any football coach in our nation. He declines to offer direct answers to direct questions. He does his thing, his way, season after season.

Calhoun doesn't care if...

If only Air Force could take home football dominance on the road


Air Force clinched a perfect home record for the season with Saturday's 35-28 win over Utah State. This is the second straight home season with a perfect 6-0 record.

There's a reason for this dominance, said...