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David Ramsey has written sports columns for The Gazette for 10 years. He's visited all 50 states, and he's wise enough to realize Colorado is the best of those 50. He's a graduate of Denver South High School, Abilene Christian University and Syracuse University, where he earned a master's degree in American History in 2003. He's placed nine times in the national Asssociated Press Sports Editors (APSE) contest, including two first-place finishes. He's covered the Athens, Beijing and London Olympics for The Gazette. He's the father of Ruth, a Rampart High grad, and Luke and Caleb, both grads of Pikes Peak Christian. He's an avid cyclist. He hopes to climb Mount Massive this summer, but he says that every year. Gazette sports columnist David Ramsey brings you the personal side of sports along with his personal analysis.

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Broncos Preview: Peyton Manning seeks to break more records, defy age


Peyton Manning is 39, and he wants to continue starting at quarterback in the NFL. If you know anything about Manning, you realize he did not return to the Broncos this season to embrace mediocrity. He wants - he...

Broncos Preview: John Elway gets his band back together for a Broncos reunion tour


New blood.

That's what many franchises seek when chasing a championship.

The Broncos are going with a radical alternative.

Old blood.

Proven blood. (Broncos fans are hoping there's no...

Broncos Preview: Offense is playing to a beat of a different drum


Gary Kubiak believes in the running game.

John Elway believes running more will help preserve Peyton Manning, the Broncos' fragile 39-year-old quarterback.

And Manning believes he can surprise...

Ramsey blog: Broncos cut Chase Vaughn, and that's too bad

By: DAVID RAMSEY The Gazette

Chase Vaughn has been on a tour of pro football leagues in North America. Indoor leagues. Outdoor leagues. He's been, basically, everywhere.

It looks as if he won't be able to cap his career with a stop in...

Ramsey: Opposing quarterbacks shouldn't plan on having success against Broncos' defense

By: David Ramsey, The Gazette

DENVER - Colin Kaepernick led the 49ers to the Super Bowl. His arm is mighty. He frightens defensive coordinators.

"He's very athletic," John Elway said Thursday, "and he's got that big-play ability to avoid...

Scoreboard says TCA lost to Delta in football, but Titans coach says his team prevailed


Was it a fumble?

That was the pressing question after TCA's 38-35 loss to Delta.

With 8:21 left in the fourth quarter, TCA quarterback Austin Bervig attempted to score from the 1-yard line. TCA...

Ramsey: Colorado Rockies don't deserve their fans' deep devotion

By: DAVID RAMSEY The Gazette -david ramsey

DENVER - A baseball romance is teetering.

Fans pack Coors Field to watch one of our nation's most pitiful franchises. These fans suffer, summer after summer, hoping for a change.

The Rockies are...

Q&A: C.J. Anderson talks about his ankle and Peyton Manning


Question and answer with C.J. Anderson.

Gazette: How is the ankle?

C.J. Anderson: The ankle is great. People forget, the ankle wasn't the problem. I had the flu and I was trying to play with the flu....