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Bill Vogrin started writing Side Streets in July 2002 to highlight the extraordinary people of Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region and reflect the issues that impact the daily lives of residents.

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Side Streets: Waldo Canyon fire anniversary doubly sad as vandals destroy memorial children's bench

By: Bill Vogrin

Three years ago today, the Waldo Canyon fire exploded down the Front Range into Mountain Shadows, killing two, destroying 346 homes and causing $453.7 million in losses.

But instead of simply observing the...

Side Streets: Add peacock to the list of critters roaming neighborhoods of Colorado Springs

By: Bill Vogrin

Gary and Julie Scheer received a shock as they opened the door to their Pulpit Rock neighborhood home on a recent Sunday morning.

"I went out to get my paper and found a peacock sitting in a flower bed by...

Side Streets: Colorado Springs residents shocked to learn 'neighborhood' park and pond was private property

By: Bill Vogrin

For 21 years, Joanne and John K'Miller have enjoyed walking their dog to their neighborhood park in Briargate and strolling around its pretty pond.

"Some neighbors go every day," Joanne said. "People take...

Side Streets: Sundance film about lives of Native Americans on Pine Ridge to be screened in heart of Ute Indian territory

By: bill vogrin

It's red carpet time in Colorado Springs.

On Saturday night, One Nation Walking Together - a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of impoverished Native Americans on reservations - will sponsor the...

Side Streets: Explosion of weed complaints catches Colorado Springs code enforcers short-handed

By: Bill Vogrin

Let me guess: Your neighbors' weeds are waist-high and attracting bugs and critters and collecting trash.

You are not alone.

Complaints have been clogging the "Side Streets" hotline, and it's even...

Side Streets: Security lights become insanity lights for neighbors and trigger dispute over light intrusion

By: Bill Vogrin

There was obvious desperation in Sheila Colonese's plea.

"I am having a major disagreement with my neighbor behind me," Colonese wrote in an email. "I have no recourse or action that can help me. My...

Side Streets: Wagon Man's latest convictions reflect on society, not him, expert says

By: Bill Vogrin

Early Thursday, Phillip "Wagon Man" Cargile left the van where he sleeps and trudged down to the Colorado Springs Municipal Courthouse to again face a judge for illegally pulling his wagons in the street.


Side Streets: Manitou woman's life stronger than ever - even as rotting home is threatened

By: Bill Vogrin

MANITOU SPRINGS - How are you spending your summer vacation? No doubt you will have more fun and relaxation than Diane Fitzkee.

Her summer break from teaching blind children in the Falcon School District is...