Bill Radford

Country Life columnist and production editor

Bill Radford and his wife live in eastern El Paso County with a menagerie that includes a horse, mule, goats, rabbits and chickens.

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Dealing with a diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma, aka skin cancer

By: Bill RadFord

The news came in an early morning call from my dermatologist, Dr. Michael Turner with Colorado Springs Dermatology Clinic.

It's a good thing we did a biopsy, he said, because you have a superficial skin...

The Country Life: Taking a spin in a classic car - the Model A

By: Bill Radford

When Bob Manley opens the door to his garage, he's opening a door to the past - the early days of the auto industry.

Bob and Mary Manley own "seven and a half" Model A cars (the half refers to a car in the...

The Country Life: El Paso County pumpkin might not be the biggest, but it's the prettiest

By: Bill Radford

"Please," the sign cautions, "do not climb, ride, sit on, write on or try to move the giant orange pumpkin!!!"

It's easy to see why someone might want to sit on the whopper of a pumpkin on display at the...

The Country Life: Remembering the epic October blizzard of '97

By: Bill Radford

For longtimers in the area, talk of a strong El Niño and its possible effects on the weather may have stirred memories of the epic blizzard of October 1997 - also a strong El Niño year.

My wife and I were...

The Country Life: Exploring the mysteries of Punkin Center

By: Bill Radford

There's what I call "suburban" country, such as my place near Falcon, only 10 or so minutes from Walmart, Safeway and other conveniences of town.

And then there's the "real" country.

Say, Punkin...

The Country Life: Dumb bunnies, stubborn mules and more lessons

By: Bill Radford

Three years ago this month, my wife and I moved to a little house on the prairie, beginning our country adventure.

It's been a learning experience. Here are some of those lessons:

- It's important to...

The Country Life: Harnessing the power of the wind - or not

By: Bill Radford

When I moved to the countryside east of Colorado Springs, I was told to expect wind - a lot of it. There's not much to block it on the prairie.

Recently, my wife and I - perhaps subconsciously inspired by...

The Country Life: Colorado AgrAbility helps keep farmers, ranchers on the job despite disabilities

By: Bill Radford

My right arm was stiff and sore, a pain that worsened during the day; the next morning, I couldn't lift it past my waist.

The doctor's diagnosis: a partially torn bicep, apparently from stacking hay bales. I...