Bill Radford

Country Life columnist and production editor

Bill Radford and his wife live in eastern El Paso County with a menagerie that includes a horse, mule, goats, rabbits and chickens.

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The Country Life: Passion for flying means living at the airport

By: Bill Radford

Dave Elliott recently retired from Frontier Airlines, ending 13 years as an airline pilot. During 40 years of flying, he also served in the Coast Guard, flew corporate planes and taught at the Air Force...

The Country Life: In the egg business

By: Bill Radford

We're in the egg business!

With the long days, our six hens have been very productive, resulting in more eggs than we can eat. (Unless we want to have eggs every meal.) So my wife took in a few cartons to...

The Country Life: Springtime is shearing time at Colorado Springs-area alpaca farm

By: Bill Radford

Her morning included a pedicure, but for Zadie it was no day at the spa.

Zadie is one of about 100 alpacas at Wild Hair Alpacas in Black Forest; the owners, Peter and Barbara Ziek, have been raising alpacas...

The Country Life: Treating horses and cows and emus, oh my!

By: Bill radford

Variety is the name of the game at Airway Veterinary Hospital on the east side of Colorado Springs.

There are vets who treat cats and dogs, along with other smaller pets. There are vets whose practices...

The Country Life: Remembering 70-plus years down on the farm

By: Bill Radford

I've lived the country life for only a couple of years.

Bernice Steinmetz has me beat by seven decades.

Steinmetz grew up on a farm - two farms actually - in Colorado. She then spent more than 50...

Blog: Chicken coop tour is this weekend

By: Bill Radford

The sixth annual Take a Peak Chicken Coop Tour is Saturday and Sunday. So if you’re thinking of raising chickens, or have chickens but want to see what other owners are doing, here’s a chance to combine some fun...

The Country Life: Saying goodbye to Christmas the goat

By: Bill Radford

In the final seconds, she fought.

Before Christmas the goat would cross that rainbow bridge, before she would go to sleep forever, veterinarian Dr. Gary McEntyre had to administer more than twice the...

Blog: A barn update: John Wayne WAS there

By: Bill Radford

My column this week on the big red barn at Meadow Lake Airport in Falcon mentioned a rumor that John Wayne had been there for a birthday party.
Gazette reader Bessie Radspinner says there’s some truth to the...